CelebritiesBlogWhy Carl Radke was Hospitalized Before Lindsay Hubbard's Proposal in "Summer House"

Why Carl Radke was Hospitalized Before Lindsay Hubbard’s Proposal in “Summer House”

Carl Radke suffered a scary setback days before proposing to Lindsay Hubbard, which was documented on Summer House. After experiencing wobbling legs and blurred vision at a concert, Carl was taken to a medical tent and eventually the hospital due to low blood pressure and heart rate caused by dehydration, exhaustion, and stress. Despite the setback, Carl still proposed to Lindsay and she tearfully said yes.

Carl Radke was sent to the emergency room days before he proposed to Lindsay Hubbard due to dehydration, exhaustion and stress, but he still went ahead with the proposal.

Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard, both stars of the Bravo series Summer House, encountered a scary situation just days before Carl intended to propose to his partner. The incident occurred at a concert, where Carl suddenly said he needed to sit down, and his legs began to wobble. He was taken to the concert medical tent and then to the emergency room when medical professionals found that his blood pressure and heart rate were dangerously low.

Kyle Cooke, a friend of Carl’s, thought his spell was due to the upcoming proposal to Lindsay, which was planned for that weekend. Carl admitted that the stress and anxiety he was experiencing over the proposal could have contributed to his hospitalization. However, doctors identified dehydration and exhaustion as the primary cause of Carl’s illness.

This minor setback did not prevent Carl from getting down on one knee and proposing to Lindsay. In a touching moment on the beach, Carl expressed his love for Lindsay and asked her to marry him. After some tears from Lindsay, she responded with an enthusiastic “Yes.”

Summer House airs on Bravo every Monday at 9 p.m. ET. Despite the challenges that Carl experienced leading up to the engagement, he and Lindsay have taken a significant step forward in their relationship and are now planning their future together.

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