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Why Ben Higgins Thought Kaitlyn Bristowe Hated Him for Months & How Jason Tartick Is Involved

Ben Higgins believed Kaitlyn Bristowe harbored negative feelings towards him for months, a misunderstanding clarified on the “Almost Famous” podcast where Bristowe explained her emotions were tied to other issues, not Higgins directly. The situation stemmed from Jason Tartick’s appearance on Chris Harrison’s podcast, leading to misconceptions and ultimately a discussion about the impact of their past relationship and public break-up on their emotions and actions.

Ben Higgins believed Kaitlyn Bristowe “hated” him due to misunderstandings and emotions tied to their interactions and discussions about her breakup with Jason Tartick on Chris Harrison’s podcast, but they clarified the situation on the “Almost Famous” podcast, emphasizing the importance of their friendship and the impact of public discussions on personal emotions.

Oh boy, did you hear about the drama between Ben Higgins and Kaitlyn Bristowe? It’s quite the story. So, Ben thought Kaitlyn couldn’t stand him for the longest time. But, plot twist, that wasn’t really the case.

Kaitlyn spilled the beans on the “Almost Famous” podcast. She said, “It wasn’t you at all.” Apparently, Ben just got caught in the crossfire because Kaitlyn was dealing with some other emotional stuff. And he just happened to be there. Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time, huh?

Now, this whole misunderstanding kicked off when Jason Tartick showed up on Chris Harrison’s podcast. Ben was there too. And somehow, that stirred the pot. But not really. It’s all a bit of a soap opera, if you ask me.

Ben was like, “If I hurt you, I’m so sorry.” He really respects Kaitlyn. Says she’s had a huge impact on him. It’s kinda sweet when you think about it. They’ve been through a lot together, especially since Ben was on Kaitlyn’s season of “The Bachelorette.”

Then there’s this whole thing with Jason Tartick and Kaitlyn’s relationship. They started dating after meeting on her podcast, “Off the Vine.” They were pretty open about their relationship, which is refreshing.

Ben’s been around the Bachelor Nation block, making his debut on Kaitlyn’s season. And despite the drama, they’ve managed to stay friends. Kaitlyn’s beef wasn’t with Ben but with how Chris Harrison handled some questions about her ex, Jason.

Kaitlyn was like, “Why are we still talking about this breakup?” She felt like everyone was dragging it out. Jason was openly hurt, and Kaitlyn was hurting inside. It’s tough when breakups become public fodder.

After the split, they both talked about it on various podcasts. It’s been nearly a year, and people are still discussing it. Kaitlyn was surprised by the podcast episode with Harrison. She thought they were past their drama.

Kaitlyn had a bit of a history with Harrison, especially after he left “The Bachelor” hosting gig. But they were finally in a good place again. She looked up to him as a mentor and friend.

But then, she felt blindsided when Jason was brought on the podcast. It made her upset, and she turned to social media, which she admits might not have been the best move. It’s complicated, isn’t it? Relationships, friendships, and everything in between can get so tangled up, especially in the public eye.

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