CelebritiesBlogWest Wilson Discusses His Role as a Body Positivity Icon

West Wilson Discusses His Role as a Body Positivity Icon

West Wilson, a newcomer to the Bravo show “Summer House,” has unexpectedly become a breakout star and an icon for body positivity, resonating with fans who feel represented by his appearance and personality. Despite his initial reluctance to be pigeonholed based on stereotypes, West’s journey on the show has showcased his humor, a budding romance with Ciara Miller, and his openness about the challenges and unexpected opportunities that came with joining the reality TV world.

West Wilson, a newcomer on “Summer House,” has unexpectedly become a body positivity icon, resonating with fans who feel seen by his presence and approach on the show.

West Wilson, the fresh face on “Summer House,” never saw it coming. He didn’t think he’d become the talk of the town, especially not about his body image.

“I’ve had a couple of guys DM me,” he starts, his voice a mix of surprise and humility. They tell him they don’t see themselves as attractive or fit, but in him, they feel seen.

“If the overweight man felt seen by me — like if that’s my role — then let’s do it, I guess,” he muses in a candid chat with The New York Times.

West is all in. Yet, he admits, the attention on his personality, on being “sort of handsome,” makes him ponder.

On TV, standing next to towering figures, he appears shorter than his 5-foot-11 stature. But it’s his humor, his instant connection with Jesse Solomon, another newbie, that’s really made him shine.

Oh, and speaking of connections, did you catch the bit about the show’s love lives? It’s like, what happens in the Hamptons definitely doesn’t stay there.

Before diving into the reality TV world, West had his reservations. He told Bravo’s team straight up: he’s not going to be that stereotypical “douchey, fratty, dumb, racist Missouri guy.” Because he knows he’s more than that.

Season 8 kicked off, introducing West as the laid-off sports writer. Viewers watched his journey, from unemployment to snagging a job with Complex.

“My severance ended that weekend,” he recalls the tough times before his “Summer House” adventure began. It was a depressing Monday when reality hit him hard.

Thanks to Lindsay Hubbard, producers gave him a shot. And then there’s Ciara Miller, the slow burn romance that’s got everyone talking.

They’re tight-lipped, though, about where things stand now. It’s all hush-hush, but hints suggest it’s something to watch.

Ciara, for her part, finds West’s openness refreshing, even if she sometimes wishes he’d keep a lid on it.

Their connection took her by surprise, but she’s sticking to her guns, moving at her own pace. It’s about respect, about not feeling pressured.

“Summer House,” where all this unfolds, airs Thursdays. It’s a glimpse into their lives, their romances, and yes, the occasional drama. But hey, that’s reality TV for you.

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