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VPR Executive Producer Denies Scheana Shay’s Claims of Interference

Vanderpump Rules executive producer Alex Baskin refuted Scheana Shay’s allegations that the cast was pressured to film with Tom Sandoval to avoid the show’s cancellation, describing the claims as a dramatic exaggeration. Baskin emphasized that the production team’s guidance was aimed at encouraging the cast to continue the authentic dynamic that had been successful in previous seasons, without imposing specific narratives or outcomes.

Vanderpump Rules executive producer Alex Baskin refuted Scheana Shay’s claims that the cast was pressured to film with Tom Sandoval to avoid cancellation, emphasizing a return to the show’s original dynamic without manufactured drama.

Oh boy, here we go. Picture this: the drama’s so thick, you could cut it with a knife. Vanderpump Rules’ very own executive producer, Alex Baskin, is in the hot seat. He’s outright denying Scheana Shay’s bombshell claims. You know, the ones where she said the cast was nudged to keep filming with Tom Sandoval or else face cancellation. Drama, drama, drama.

So, there was this event. The Vanderpump Rules TV FYC Fest. Happened on a sunny Friday, June 7. Baskin’s there, spilling the tea. He’s like, “Nope, no veiled threats here.” But wait, there’s more. He shared some behind-the-scenes scoop at a panel. Mentioned how the cast got together mid-season. Apparently, social media was messing with their vibe. His advice? “Ignore the noise, folks. Just do what you’ve been doing.” Classic producer move, right?

But here’s where it gets juicy. Baskin thinks Scheana’s take on the whole situation was, let’s say, a tad over the top. “Dramatic,” he calls it. And then, out of nowhere, there’s this sidebar about Tom Sandoval’s apology tour. Season 11 stuff. Mixed reactions all around. Scandalous affair with Rachel “Raquel” Leviss and all that jazz.

Baskin’s not done yet. He’s talking about the show’s direction. Saying they didn’t hand out scripts or anything. Just wanted everyone on the same wavelength. And then, bam! Vanderpump Rules season 12 hits a pause. Baskin’s like, “Give it a few months. We’ll figure things out.”

Fast forward three months. Sandoval’s affair is all anyone can talk about. The cast’s loyalties are flipping faster than burgers at a BBQ. And Scheana? She’s on her podcast, “Scheananigans,” claiming the show was nearly axed. Pressure’s mounting, and it’s not just about who forgot to bring the rosé to the party.

Enter Lala Kent. She’s got a bone to pick with Scheana’s version of events. Says she never felt like a puppet on strings. And that meeting? Lala took away a whole different message. It’s all Sandoval’s fault, she says. “You wrecked the group, dude.”

So, what’s the takeaway here? Well, if you ask me, it’s that reality TV is a wild ride. One day you’re sipping martinis with friends, and the next, you’re dodging drama bombs left and right. But hey, that’s showbiz, baby. And as for Vanderpump Rules? Only time will tell if they can navigate these choppy waters. But one thing’s for sure: it’s never dull.

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