CelebritiesBlogVinny from The Amazing Race Discusses Misinterpretation of Fights with Amber

Vinny from The Amazing Race Discusses Misinterpretation of Fights with Amber

Vinny Cagungun and Amber Craven, contestants on season 36 of “The Amazing Race,” expressed that their on-screen fights were misleadingly portrayed, attributing the misrepresentation to selective editing that took their conflicts out of context. Despite the challenges and public scrutiny, the experience strengthened their relationship, leading to Vinny proposing to Amber during the season finale, with plans for a wedding in Cabo attended by their fellow cast members.

Vinny Cagungun from season 36 of “The Amazing Race” claims that his and Amber Craven’s on-screen fights were significantly taken out of context by the show’s editing, revealing the challenges of reality TV portrayal while also acknowledging personal growth and communication improvements in their relationship.

Amber Craven and Vinny Cagungun, an engaged couple, seemed to clash frequently on “The Amazing Race” Season 36. But, they claim, the show twisted their story. “It’s all about the edit,” Vinny spilled to Us Weekly. He was shocked by the portrayal of their conflicts, saying their real journey felt different.

He learned heaps from the show, especially about himself. “Not the best listener,” he confessed, realizing his focus often blurred Amber’s words. Despite the drama, the experience was eye-opening for both.

Amber saw her own flaws too, especially in how she communicates. She’s been working on her tone, trying to ditch any unintended antagonism. The public scrutiny was tough, but it only made their bond stronger. “We’re solid,” Vinny declared, grateful for their resilience against online trolls.

They’ve grown a lot, facing the ugliness of social media together. Amber laughed off the haters, but wished people saw Vinny’s kind heart. He even encouraged helping a competitor, a gesture not shown on TV.

Vinny aimed to be real, hoping to show that relationships aren’t always smooth. “It’s messy,” he admitted, but that’s life. He proposed during the finale, a moment he’d planned despite his fears of commitment. The ring, a family heirloom, was a symbol of his dedication.

Their wedding in Cabo will be a “celebration of love,” with the entire Season 36 cast attending. It’s a testament to their journey, from on-screen drama to off-screen unity.

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