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Vanderpump Rules Cast Reflects on Signs of Tom Sandoval & Raquel Leviss’ Affair

The Vanderpump Rules cast expressed shock at Raquel Leviss and Tom Sandoval’s affair but later noticed signs that they might have overlooked. In March 2023, Us Weekly confirmed that Sandoval cheated with Leviss, causing his split from girlfriend Ariana Madix. The cast members recalled several instances where they noticed the duo spending considerable time with each other.

The Vanderpump Rules cast was shocked by the news of Raquel Leviss and Tom Sandoval’s affair, but later broke down the signs that might have been there all along, including suspicions of their closeness and people who knew about it.

The Vanderpump Rules cast was taken aback by the revelation that Raquel Leviss and Tom Sandoval were having an affair. In March 2023, Us Weekly confirmed Sandoval’s split from his longtime girlfriend Ariana Madix, who found out about the affair after looking at Tom’s phone while he was on stage performing his new song. It was unclear at the time if his business partner, Tom Schwartz, knew about the affair, or if he was caught off guard.

The news came as Vanderpump Rules viewers watched the onscreen lead-up to Leviss and Schwartz’s hookup. Amid the drama, cast member Peter Madrigal recalled becoming suspicious about the time Leviss spent with Sandoval. Madrigal claimed that certain elements made it interesting, such as how they were hanging out quite a bit without Ariana around. He suspected that some people, whom he refused to name, knew about the affair and might have tipped Scheana Shay off.

Shay was served with a temporary restraining order from Leviss amid rumors that things got physical, with Shay’s attorney denying the allegations against his client. Shay’s friends, Jamie Lynne and Kael Ramsey Ackerson, later claimed that Leviss had informed them when her relationship with Sandoval became romantic, citing a moment when the two were sitting on the curb outside of Saddle Ranch talking, which looked intimate. Lynne had filmed the encounter but thought better of posting it because of how “intimate” it looked.

In conclusion, the affair came as a surprise to the Vanderpump Rules cast, who highlighted certain signs that may have indicated it was happening. Despite suspicions from members, no one had any definitive proof or knew about it with certainty.

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