CelebritiesBlogTori Spelling Discovers Mold as Root Cause of Family's Frequent Illnesses

Tori Spelling Discovers Mold as Root Cause of Family’s Frequent Illnesses

Tori Spelling has revealed that her family has been getting sick frequently over the past few months because of “mold sickness”. The Beverly Hills, 90210 star said a mold inspector found “extreme mold” in her home which caused respiratory infections and extreme allergy-like symptoms for her children. The family has decided to vacate their home.

Tori Spelling and her family have been frequently sick and in the hospital over the past few months due to extreme mold in their home causing mold sickness.

Tori Spelling, former star of the hit show Beverly Hills, 90210, has revealed the reason why her family has been frequently ill and in hospital over the past few months. In an Instagram post on May 10th, Spelling shared photos of her and her children at an urgent care centre in California and spoke candidly about the cause of their illnesses. She revealed that a mold inspector had found “extreme mold” in their home, which was the reason for her family’s recurrent respiratory infections, allergy-like symptoms, and skin rashes.

Spelling has kept her fans updated on the family’s health struggles via social media. In December 2021, she revealed that her youngest son, Beau, was out of school sick for three weeks, only to fall ill again shortly after returning. Spelling has also faced criticism from Instagram trolls who accused her of faking her illnesses, after she was hospitalised with low oxygen, high blood pressure, and dizziness.

In her recent post, Spelling stated that her family planned to “vacate the home asap”, despite the difficulty of uprooting a large family in the midst of illness. Her mother, Candy Spelling, expressed her concern in the comments, stating that she was “horrendous” to hear about the extent of her daughter’s family’s illnesses.

Mold exposure can lead to a variety of health problems, from irritating allergy-like symptoms to severe respiratory infections and neurological damage. Symptoms of mold sickness can be similar to those of other illnesses, which can make it difficult to diagnose. Anyone experiencing prolonged or recurrent sickness should consider getting their home inspected for mold, particularly if they notice a musty smell or see visible signs of mold growth.

In conclusion, Tori Spelling’s recent Instagram post sheds light on the importance of identifying and addressing mold exposure in the home. Her family’s experiences serve as a reminder to take action if you suspect mold is causing your or your family’s health problems.

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