CelebritiesBlogTom Schwartz Makes Light of Tom Sandoval's Emotional Miss for Dog Mya

Tom Schwartz Makes Light of Tom Sandoval’s Emotional Miss for Dog Mya

Tom Schwartz made a controversial joke about Tom Sandoval missing his dog Mya, which he adopted with his ex-girlfriend Ariana Madix, during an episode of the “Vanderpump Rules After Show.” This joke references a tense moment between Sandoval and Madix, where Madix accused Sandoval of endangering Mya by locking her in a room, leading to a serious discussion about their responsibilities and care for the dog amidst their breakup and living situation.

Tom Schwartz made a controversial joke about Tom Sandoval missing his dog Mya, referencing an incident where Sandoval was accused of endangering the dog, during an episode of the “Vanderpump Rules After Show.”

Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval, captured in a moment. Photo credit goes to Amanda Edwards/Getty Images. Now, let’s dive into a bit of a tiff that unfolded, shall we?

So, there’s this show, *Vanderpump Rules*, right? And in it, Tom Schwartz might’ve landed himself in hot water. He made a rather edgy joke about his buddy, Tom Sandoval. It all went down during the April 2 episode of the *Vanderpump Rules After Show*.

Sandoval, who’s 41, got all sentimental about missing Mya. That’s the dog he and his ex, Ariana Madix, adopted back in 2020. “I miss her. A lot,” he said. He missed running around with her, playing with her, the whole nine yards.

Then Schwartz, also 41, couldn’t help himself. He quipped, “That’s rich considering you tried to murder her.” Talk about awkward, right?

There’s this link to their friendship history, if you’re curious. It’s a deep dive into the ups and downs between Schwartz and Sandoval. They’ve had their moments, for sure.

Following Schwartz’s comment, there was this tense silence. You could cut it with a knife. But then, Schwartz and Jax Taylor burst out laughing. Sandoval? Not so much. He was stone-faced.

The joke was a nod to a heated moment between Sandoval and Ariana on *VPR*. Ariana was livid. “You went into my room with the door closed. Don’t ever f–king do that again,” she told him. Apparently, Sandoval let Mya into her room and then locked her in there for hours. The dog ended up chewing on takeout containers, which could’ve been dangerous.

Ariana made it clear she wanted her space respected. “That is the only safe space I have at home because you f–king wrecked it,” she told Sandoval.

Ariana Madix, looking all kinds of fierce. Courtesy of Ariana Madix/Instagram.

Fast forward to March 2023, and the exes were still living together despite a messy breakup. That was until Ariana bought a new place in Los Angeles, 6.6 miles away from Sandoval.

During a summer episode, Ariana was seen moving out. She listed furniture she paid for herself. And there was yet another tense chat about Mya with Sandoval.

And then there’s the affair drama with Rachel “Raquel” Leviss. It’s a whole thing. Their *Vanderpump Rules* costars had a lot to say about it.

During a beach day with the *VPR* cast, Schwartz praised Ariana and Sandoval for being good pet parents. Ariana wasn’t having it. “I am a dog and cat parent. They are mine,” she stated firmly. “Suck my d–k,” she added, emphasizing her sole responsibility for Mya.

Mya, the dog at the center of it all. Courtesy of Ariana Madix/Instagram.

Sandoval tried to argue that he had rights to their home by the same logic. Ariana told him to stop talking to her, and he left the outing.

Catch *Vanderpump Rules* on Bravo, Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET. It’s quite the ride, folks.

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