CelebritiesBlogTom Sandoval's Excuses for Cheating: A Comparison of Past Affairs & Justifications

Tom Sandoval’s Excuses for Cheating: A Comparison of Past Affairs & Justifications

Us Weekly compares Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval’s justifications for cheating on his previous and current girlfriend, Kristen Doute and Ariana Madix, respectively. Sandoval has used lack of intimacy, growing apart, falling out of love, and convenience as reasons for infidelity. Both Doute and Madix have confronted Sandoval about his cheating, and the latter discovered the former’s affair with Raquel Leviss through a graphic video on his phone.

Us Weekly investigates Tom Sandoval’s justifications for cheating on his past and current partners, including citing lack of intimacy and falling out of love.

Tom Sandoval, a star of the reality TV show Vanderpump Rules, recently made controversial statements on a podcast where he attempted to justify cheating on his partner Ariana Madix with Raquel Leviss. In response, Us Weekly investigated and compared Sandoval’s reasons for infidelity in his previous relationship with Kristen Doute. Sandoval had been dating Doute for several years when their relationship fell apart during the show’s second season due to mutual cheating admissions. At the reunion, Sandoval explained that the lack of intimacy in their relationship pushed him to cheat, and he used a similar excuse when justifying his affair with Leviss.

Sandoval also claimed during the reunion that he cheated on Doute because he no longer wanted to be in the relationship. Similarly, he recently stated that he began to lose his optimism and drive while with Madix and felt like he needed to make changes to feel alive again. Despite cheating on Doute, Sandoval also accused her of being unfaithful and not confessing to her three-month affair with another employee at SUR. He suggested that Doute’s infidelity contributed to his actions.

Sandoval also recounted kissing Madix in a pool during a trip to Las Vegas, though he maintained that the two of them did not have sex. He explained that he and Madix stayed together longer than they should have because they owned a house together and built a business as a couple. Sandoval stated that due to this, he and Madix had to keep up the illusion of being a strong couple for their “brand.” Us Weekly discovered that Madix had previously stated she was not worried about Sandoval cheating on her, but later learnt about his affair with Leviss after finding a graphic video on his phone.

Sandoval claimed to have ended things with Madix on Valentine’s Day amid his months-long affair with Leviss. Although Madix has yet to react to Sandoval’s statements, Doute has publicly criticized him and reunited with Madix after the news broke. Regardless of this, Sandoval told Mandel that he and Leviss were “on a break” during the fallout from their affair.

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