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Tom Sandoval Talks About Living with Ex Ariana Madix Amid Affair with Raquel Leviss

Tom Sandoval discussed his current living situation with ex-girlfriend Ariana Madix in a recent interview, revealing that he handles most of the household chores and gardening. Sandoval also stated that he and Madix communicate via texting and avoid seeing each other in the five-bedroom home they purchased together. Although the exes are currently living together, they do plan to eventually sell the house.

Despite his affair with Raquel Leviss, Tom Sandoval is currently still living with his ex-girlfriend Ariana Madix, with whom he shares a home that they have plans to sell in the future.

Tom Sandoval, the lead vocalist of Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras, recently spoke up about the current situation in his home with ex-girlfriend Ariana Madix, amid his affair with Raquel Leviss. “I don’t have a lot of friends I can stay with right now. … I kind of run the house,” Sandoval stated during an interview on “Howie Mandel Does Stuff” podcast. He also revealed that he spends most of his time in the gym or his room to avoid contact with Madix, with whom he still lives in a five-bedroom house they purchased together in 2019.

Sandoval and Madix ended their nine-year relationship after the latter discovered Sandoval’s affair with the 28-year-old former beauty queen. Though Sandoval claimed that he tried to end things with Madix on Valentine’s Day, news about the affair came to light in March 2022. Despite their break-up, the exes are living together, trying to avoid direct contact by communicating through texts and a go-between when they need to discuss anything.

However, Sandoval’s co-star on Vanderpump Rules, Scheana Shay, recently mentioned on her podcast “Scheananigans” that Sandoval was trying to be more respectful towards Madix recently. Shay also revealed how Sandoval initially made things worse for Madix with his indifferent behavior and controlling attitude towards their shared home. Though the couple plans to sell their house eventually, they are yet to put it on the market.

The couple’s decision to live together may seem surprising, but it is more common than one may think. Some couples choose to continue cohabiting because of financial reasons, children, or because it’s easier than finding a new place to live. Though it may not be easy, finding ways to coexist peacefully till they eventually move on is definitely possible, and Sandoval and Madix are working on it.

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