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Tom Sandoval clarifies controversial comment about Ariana Madix keeping a t-shirt on during sex

Actor Tom Sandoval is clarifying his controversial comment about his ex-girlfriend Ariana Madix. He explained that he never body-shamed Ariana, but rather his comment was about her lack of enthusiasm during sex. Sandoval’s comment received backlash from his Vanderpump Rules costars and fans.

Tom Sandoval clarifies that his controversial comment about Ariana Madix keeping a t-shirt on during sex had nothing to do with body-shaming and was instead about her lack of enthusiasm.

Title: Tom Sandoval Explains Controversial Comment about Ex-Girlfriend Ariana Madix and Clarifies Schwartz’s Statement

In a recent interview, Tom Sandoval, the co-founder of TomTom, addressed the controversy surrounding his comment about his ex-girlfriend, Ariana Madix, keeping her t-shirt on during sex. Sandoval clarified that his comment had nothing to do with body-shaming Ariana but was instead directed at her lack of enthusiasm. The remark was made during the Vanderpump Rules Season 10 reunion, and it received backlash from both his co-stars and fans of the Bravo series.

Sandoval’s Explanation:
Speaking to TMZ, Sandoval stated that people had added their own context to his comment. He emphasized that he had never body-shamed Ariana and that the remark was not about her body. Rather, it was a reflection of her unenthusiasm during their intimate moments. Sandoval used an example of his hypothetical experience, explaining that if someone wanted to have sex with him and he showed disinterest by rushing it, it would be similar to what he was trying to convey about Ariana’s attitude.

Backlash and Opinions:
Following Sandoval’s comment, his co-stars and fans expressed their disgust and disappointment. James Kennedy and Ariana herself labeled the comment as “disgusting.” Host Andy Cohen reacted visibly with discomfort, while Tom Schwartz urged Sandoval not to make such remarks. Lala Kent, who appeared on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, shared her feelings of repulsion towards the t-shirt comment. Cohen also shared his opinion on his radio show, emphasizing the insensitivity of weaponizing body issues, especially considering Ariana’s previous discussion about her personal body image struggles on the show.

Ariana’s Empowering Response:
Despite the low blow, Ariana didn’t let it dampen her spirit. As the reunion episode aired, she took to Instagram to unveil a t-shirt with the caption “F—k Me in This T-Shirt.” This empowering move showcased her resilience and self-acceptance. The t-shirt is available for purchase through her and Katie Maloney’s sandwich shop, Something About Her, with proceeds going towards promoting body positivity. Furthermore, Sandoval commented on Schwartz’s recent statement about “permanently” stepping back from the cheating scandal drama, clarifying that Schwartz was not implying cutting ties with him but rather expressing his exhaustion with discussing the issue.

Tom Sandoval’s clarification sheds light on the misinterpretation of his controversial comment about Ariana Madix. It becomes evident that his intention was not to body-shame her but to convey his dissatisfaction with her lack of enthusiasm during intimate moments. Meanwhile, Ariana’s empowering response through her t-shirt serves as a reminder of her resilience and commitment to promoting body positivity. The Vanderpump Rules cast’s reactions and discussions surrounding the issue highlight the importance of sensitivity towards body image struggles and the impact of hurtful remarks.

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