CelebritiesBlogTammy Slaton of 1000-Lb Sisters Seen with Spiritual Sisters Amid Fan Concerns

Tammy Slaton of 1000-Lb Sisters Seen with Spiritual Sisters Amid Fan Concerns

“1000-Lb. Sisters” star Tammy Slaton has been showcasing her new friendships with Haley Michelle and Paola Román, referring to them as her “spiritual sisters,” which has sparked mixed reactions among her fans. While some followers express concern and skepticism about the motives of Slaton’s new friends, others defend her right to choose her own companions and celebrate her progress.

“1000-Lb. Sisters” star Tammy Slaton showcases her new friendships with Haley Michelle and Paola Román on social media, sparking mixed reactions from fans concerned about their influence and intentions.

Tammy Slaton, the star of “1000-Lb. Sisters,” is all about her new pals lately. She calls them her “magic” friends. But, not everyone’s buying into the enchantment.

On a sunny Monday, June 3, Tammy shared a clip on Instagram. It featured her and her buddies, Haley Michelle and Paola Román, chilling in a park. Their choice of attire? Almost all black.

“Three is the magic number 🖤✨ #magic #spiritualsisters,” she captioned it. This marked Haley — the self-dubbed Paranormal Princess — and Paola’s debut on Tammy’s feed in weeks. And, well, not everyone was thrilled about this comeback.

In the realm of unexpected friendships, celebs often surprise us. Like, did you know Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg are tight? They even co-hosted a cooking show. Talk about an unlikely duo!

Back to Tammy’s post, the top comment was less than kind. “🤦🏻‍♀️ damn I enjoyed the last month without seeing the clout chasers,” it read. “Such a weird vibe.” Another chimed in, “We don’t like them, Tammy girl.”

Haley’s been popping up a lot on Tammy’s social media. Some folks reckon she’s just there for the fame. In April, the trio went on a “girls trip,” flooding Instagram with their adventures. “Spiritual Sisters, our powerful connection we don’t have to explain anything to anyone,” Haley posted. “You are my Best Friend 💙”

On that same trip, Haley shared a snap of them by a pool, saying, “Proud of you 💙” Interestingly, Tammy’s sister Amy hasn’t been seen with them on Instagram since January 2023. That was around the time they all hung out together.

As whispers about Haley’s motives and potential romance with Tammy grew louder, especially after Tammy mentioned she was “like a lesbian” following her husband Caleb Willingham’s death in June 2023, Tammy felt the need to set the record straight.

In an April 29 TikTok, the trio danced to Marshmello and Anne-Marie’s “Friends,” with lyrics emphasizing their platonic bond. Despite this, some of Tammy’s followers remain skeptical about Haley and Paola’s sudden prominence in her life.

Yet, not everyone’s against them. “Tammy is looking great! Y’all stop hating on her friends,” a supporter commented. “She needs support from other places and it seems like she’s getting just that. I’m proud of her progress.” Another added, “Tammy is an adult who can make her own damn choices!”

So, amidst the mix of support and skepticism, Tammy’s journey continues, flanked by her “spiritual sisters.” Whether or not everyone’s on board, it seems she’s finding her path, one step at a time.

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