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Summer Houses Paige DeSorbo Admits West Fumbled the Bag With Ciara But Hes Not Like a Sandoval

Paige DeSorbo expressed dissatisfaction with how West Wilson handled his relationship with her best friend Ciara Miller after their romance on “Summer House,” but she also noted that compared to other men on Bravo, West’s actions were not as egregious. Despite the breakup and West’s mishandling of the situation, Paige believes there’s potential for him and Ciara to remain friends and acknowledged West as a positive addition to the show, subtly referencing Tom Sandoval’s more scandalous behavior for context.

Paige DeSorbo expressed dissatisfaction with West Wilson’s treatment of her friend Ciara Miller after their “Summer House” romance, acknowledging his mistakes but also noting that there are worse men on Bravo, subtly comparing him to Tom Sandoval’s more scandalous behavior.

Oh, the drama that unfolds in the Hamptons! Paige DeSorbo, bless her heart, wasn’t thrilled with West Wilson’s antics towards her BFF, Ciara Miller. Their fling on Summer House? A hot topic, for sure. But Paige, she’s seen worse on Bravo. Trust me.

West, at 28, got called out. On the "Chicks in the Office" podcast, Paige spilled the tea. "He fumbled the bag," she said. Not the end of the world, but still. They didn’t date-date, so hey, maybe friendship’s in their cards? West, according to Paige, is no Sandoval. That’s a whole other level of Bravo drama.

Speaking of, Tom Sandoval’s mess? A months-long affair while with Ariana Madix. Now, that’s a scandal. Paige’s comparison? It’s like comparing a summer breeze to a hurricane.

West and Ciara’s romance was, well, tame by comparison. They did all the couple-y things – met the fam, attended weddings. But by December? Kaput. Ciara felt played, saying she gave her all for the bare minimum. Paige, ever the loyal friend, stood by her side, accusing West of dropping Ciara post-filming.

West admitted fame got to his head, with all the female attention. Paige, though, she’s got Ciara’s back but sees room for forgiveness. She’s all about defending her friends but isn’t blind to the complexities of reality TV fame.

Paige’s stance? She’s biased but not blind. She questioned West’s intentions, all while acknowledging the Bravo fame effect. It’s a tricky balance, navigating friendships and the spotlight.

Despite everything, Paige isn’t cutting ties with West. She’s open to filming, to friendship. It’s a testament to the unpredictable nature of relationships in the spotlight.

West, on his end, recognized his shortcomings. Blaming fame was easy, but facing his unreadiness? That took guts. His reunion chat with Ciara was a nerve-wracked disaster, but he owned up to it.

And so, the saga continues. Summer House fans, mark your calendars. The season 8 reunion’s second part is bound to be juicy. Bravo’s got us hooked, as always.

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