CelebritiesBlogSummer House’s Kyle Cooke Criticizes Bethenny Frankel's Podcast Interview with Raquel Leviss

Summer House’s Kyle Cooke Criticizes Bethenny Frankel’s Podcast Interview with Raquel Leviss

Kyle Cooke criticized Bethenny Frankel for using her podcast interview with Raquel Leviss to profit off of the Bravo scandal, as she had numerous ad spots during the podcast episode. Leviss opened up about being exploited by reality TV and not receiving compensation for the scandal. Bethenny agreed with Leviss and expressed that reality TV stars deserve higher pay and royalties.

Kyle Cooke questions Bethenny Frankel’s intentions in conducting a podcast interview with Raquel Leviss, suggesting that Frankel is capitalizing on ad spots and Leviss won’t benefit financially from the interview.

Title: Kyle Cooke Questions Bethenny Frankel’s Intentions in Explosive Podcast Interview with Raquel Leviss

In a recent Instagram post, Kyle Cooke, one of the stars of ‘Summer House,’ expressed skepticism regarding Bethenny Frankel’s motivations behind her podcast interview with Raquel Leviss. Kyle pointed out the irony of Bethenny capitalizing on advertising revenue while claiming to shed light on Bravo’s exploitation of reality TV stars. He insinuated that Raquel will not receive any compensation, suggesting that she may have even paid her own expenses to fly out for the interview. Furthermore, Kyle implied that the podcast’s true intentions of being a public service announcement would have omitted any sponsored content.

A Candid Conversation:
During the three-part podcast, Raquel Leviss, who recently completed mental health treatment, shared her story with Bethenny Frankel, addressing her experience of feeling exploited within the reality TV industry. Raquel chose Bethenny’s platform to showcase her case as an example of the exploitation prevalent in reality television. Notably, Bethenny herself has been an advocate for reality TV stars receiving royalties, adding weight to Raquel’s narrative.

Bethenny’s Perspective:
In the podcast, Bethenny voiced her opinion on the disproportionate backlash Raquel faced following her months-long affair with Tom Sandoval. She argued that the content was heavily promoted and marketed by the PR machine, leading to heightened public attention. Bethenny rhetorically questioned the significance of the scandal, given that the show is set in a bar and revolves around alcohol-fueled parties and multiple affairs. She used Raquel’s case to highlight the long-lasting consequences faced by reality TV stars without any compensation.

The Exploitative Nature of Reality TV:
Highlighting the alleged exploitative practices of Bravo, Raquel expressed her frustration at not receiving a single penny for her contributions to the network’s success. She believes she has been unfairly portrayed as the ultimate villain, and her mistakes captured on camera will forever haunt her. Raquel also spoke about the addictive nature of reality TV, where participants are constantly coerced to share their side of the story to maintain control over their narrative. This aspect, she admitted, almost tempted her to continue her involvement in the industry.

Bethenny Supports Raquel:
Bethenny, who herself has experienced the challenges of being partially produced on reality TV, empathized with Raquel’s situation. She vouched for a fairer compensation structure to ensure reality TV stars receive payment that reflects their contributions. Comparing Raquel’s earnings to those of interns, Bethenny highlighted the disparity and emphasized the need for more equitable treatment within the industry.

Denial and Discrepancy:
However, Lisa Vanderpump, another prominent figure in the reality TV realm, has since refuted Raquel’s claims. Lisa stated that Raquel was indeed paid $361,000 for her participation in season 10, contradicting the perception of her being uncompensated.

In conclusion, the dynamic exchange between Bethenny Frankel and Raquel Leviss in the podcast shed light on the exploitative nature of reality TV. Kyle Cooke’s skepticism regarding Bethenny’s intentions underscored the underlying financial interests at play. Raquel’s candid account of her experience and Bethenny’s support for fair compensation in the industry highlighted the need for change. However, the contradiction in payment claims adds a layer of intrigue, leaving room for further exploration and understanding of the reality TV landscape.

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