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Summer House Star Lindsay Hubbard’s Broken Engagement with Costar Carl Radke & Her Dating History Within the Bravo Family

Lindsay Hubbard, star of “Summer House,” experienced a public breakup with her co-star Carl Radke after he called off their engagement months before their wedding, as confirmed by Us Weekly in August 2023. Despite the split, Hubbard remains optimistic about love, emphasizing her big heart and openness to new relationships.

Lindsay Hubbard, star of “Summer House,” experienced a public breakup with her co-star Carl Radke after their engagement was called off, but remains open to love despite her history of dating within the Bravo network.

Oh, the drama of reality TV! Lindsay Hubbard, a star from *Summer House*, found herself in the headlines yet again. This time, it was about her broken engagement with Carl Radke. But, let’s not forget, this isn’t her first rodeo dating within the Bravo universe.

Since she first graced our screens in 2017, Hubbard’s love life has been, well, a rollercoaster. She’s had her share of “hot Hubbs summers,” both flying solo and cozied up with someone special. Carl Radke, her co-star, caught her eye during the very first season in 2016. They even tried a romantic spark in season 4.

Fast forward to fall 2021, and they’re giving love another shot. By the next summer, they were engaged. But, as fate would have it, *Us Weekly* dropped a bomb in August 2023. The wedding bells would not ring; Radke had called off the engagement months before the planned ceremony.

Yet, despite the heartbreak, Hubbard’s spirit remains unbroken. “I will never give up on love,” she declared to *Us* in November 2023. Her heart? Still wide open, ready for someone who truly appreciates it.

In a twist, Hubbard’s ideal partner sounds like a dream. She’s on the lookout for someone ambitious, emotionally intelligent, and who can share a laugh or two. Oh, and they must embrace her for who she truly is.

For those curious about Hubbard’s past flames, there’s a whole list of high-profile relationships to scroll through. Because, in the world of *Summer House*, what happens in the Hamptons definitely doesn’t stay there. Especially when it comes to love and heartbreak.

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