CelebritiesBlogSummer House Recap: Lindsay Thinks Carl Wanted Her to Change in Romance

Summer House Recap: Lindsay Thinks Carl Wanted Her to Change in Romance

Lindsay Hubbard opened up about her relationship struggles with Carl Radke on a “Summer House” episode, attributing part of their issues to Carl’s expectations for her to change after becoming romantically involved. Despite facing challenges and acknowledging “miniature flags” in their relationship, the couple’s engagement was eventually called off by Carl, leading to the cancellation of their planned November 2023 wedding.

Lindsay Hubbard reflected on her relationship with Carl Radke in a “Summer House” episode, suggesting Carl expected her to change after becoming romantically involved, amidst discussions of their pre-wedding struggles and eventual split.

Oh boy, where do I even start? Lindsay Hubbard spilled some real tea about her and Carl Radke. She thought she might’ve been a tad “na├»ve” in their relationship. Issues? They had a bunch, especially as their wedding day loomed closer.

Lindsay’s never had to navigate a relationship with someone sober before. And a sex problem? That was new territory for her. She opened up about this to Amanda Batula and Paige DeSorbo during a July episode of *Summer House*. Just a month before Carl called off their wedding. Ouch.

Carl had some ideas about Lindsay, alright. He apparently thought she’d morph into someone else once they got serious. “To what though?” Paige wondered. Good question.

Amanda had her two cents to throw in. She reckoned Carl didn’t expect Lindsay to change for him. But maybe, just maybe, he hoped she’d treat him a bit differently, with a tad more respect, perhaps?

At a Hamptons’ racing party, Lindsay confessed to seeing “miniature flags” in Carl. But they weren’t glaring red warnings to her. Not yet, at least.

Meanwhile, Kyle Cooke was spotting his own red flags about Carl. Carl was in NYC, and Lindsay was partying it up in the Hamptons. Distance makes the heart…worry?

Kyle tried to explain to Lindsay. Carl, bless his heart, had tunnel vision about the wedding. He was pushing through, ignoring the hardships. Lindsay was taken aback. Was Carl more into the idea of marriage than being in a real, functioning relationship?

Kyle just wanted Lindsay to see that Carl was in it for love. He really wanted the wedding, despite everything.

But Lindsay wasn’t having any of it. She felt Carl was picking fights over her drinking habits. Carl’s been sober since 2021, so Lindsay’s drinking was a sore spot.

“If I’m not the Stepford Wife he wants, he can’t handle it,” Lindsay claimed. She was tired of Carl questioning her every sip of alcohol.

The episode wrapped with Lindsay and Carl making up. But as we all know, behind closed doors, the drama was just getting started. By August 2023, *Us Weekly* confirmed the engagement was off. No November wedding bells for these two.

*Summer House* keeps airing on Bravo, Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET. And for those who can’t wait, Peacock streams episodes the next day. Gotta love that drama fix, right?

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