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Squid Game: The Challenge Players Resort to Unusual Methods for Moist Lips

Squid Game: The Challenge offers a winner’s prize of over $4 million and features contestants engaging in extreme measures to moisten their lips, including using lubricated condoms. Players were given their own bags of toiletries, but lip balm was not provided, leading to some contestants resorting to using condoms to alleviate their dry lips. Eventually, they were given their own lip balm, and now only three contestants remain competing for the record-breaking cash prize.

Squid Game: The Challenge, a reality series based on the Netflix show, features intense competition, desperate attempts to moisten lips, and contestants vying for a cash prize of over $4 million.

Are you a fan of the popular Netflix show Squid Game? If so, you may be interested to learn about the real-life challenges faced by the contestants of Squid Game: The Challenge. With a winner’s prize of over $4 million, the high stakes of the show have led some players to resort to unconventional methods to gain an advantage.

One such example is the use of lubricated condoms to moisten their lips, as revealed by player 301, Trey Plutnicki, in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. While some players resorted to using rubbers for this purpose, Plutnicki made it clear that he did not partake in this practice. Despite the desperate measures taken by some contestants, Squid Game: The Challenge mirrors its fictional counterpart by showcasing the extreme lengths people will go to for the chance at financial stability.

In the midst of the intense competition, the remaining players faced challenges beyond the games themselves. Upon arriving at the dorm, they were given personal toiletry bags but were not provided with lip balm. This led to desperation among the contestants, with some resorting to using condoms to moisten their lips. Despite these challenges, the remaining players forged on, each with their own personal motivations for winning the grand prize.

As the show nears its finale, only three contestants remain: Mai, Phil, and Sam. They are set to compete for the largest cash prize in reality TV history, with Mai hoping to buy a home for her retirement, Phil planning to donate to ocean conservation, and Sam keeping his plans a mystery. With the stakes higher than ever, the final episode of Squid Game: The Challenge promises to be a thrilling conclusion to an already intense competition. Tune in to Netflix on Wednesday, December 6 to see who will emerge as the ultimate victor.

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