CelebritiesBlogSonja Christopher, First Person Voted Off Survivor, Passes Away at 87

Sonja Christopher, First Person Voted Off Survivor, Passes Away at 87

Sonja Christopher, the first person ever voted off the reality TV show “Survivor,” passed away at the age of 87 on April 26. She was remembered fondly by the show’s host, Jeff Probst, and others in the “Survivor” community for her kindness, joy, and the unique charm she brought to the show, including playing the ukulele.

Sonja Christopher, the first contestant ever voted off “Survivor,” passed away at the age of 87, remembered fondly by host Jeff Probst and the show’s community for her kindness and spirit.

Oh, Sonja Christopher. The very first person to ever leave the island on *Survivor* has passed away at 87. It was a Friday, April 26, when the news broke.

Jeff Probst, the face of *Survivor*, shared his thoughts. “Sonya was a beacon of kindness,” he said. Always smiling, always joyful. He felt lucky their paths crossed.

No one’s saying how she died, though. Just that she did, leaving a bit of mystery behind.

Then there’s Liz Wilcox from season 46. She shared a touching tribute. A photo of Sonja holding her ukulele popped up on FaceTime. Sonja loved that ukulele, played it like a pro.

“Today, we lost a legend,” Liz tweeted. She met Sonja on Christmas, found her full of spunk and love for *Survivor*. “Hope you’re strumming away somewhere beautiful, Sonja,” she added.

Liz also mentioned where donations could be sent in lieu of flowers. Choices include a Unitarian church, a cancer support community, or the Sjogren’s Foundation.

Many from the *Survivor* community have paid their respects online. Rob Cesternino said Sonja paved the way for all who followed. “We’ll always smile thinking of her,” he tweeted. RIP to a true legend.

Sonja’s journey on *Survivor* was short-lived. She was the first to go in season 1. The challenge got the better of her, and her tribe voted her off.

But let’s not forget, this game is tough. It’s not for the faint of heart. *Survivor* has evolved a lot since it first aired in 2000. It’s become a staple of American television, thanks to Jeff Probst and the countless contestants who’ve braved the elements.

Reflecting on her exit, Sonja had mixed feelings. She told *Entertainment Weekly* in 2020 that she was pretty beat up. Bruises that never faded. But she didn’t think her early exit was due to ageism. She was always athletic, always active. It just never occurred to her that she might be seen as the “old lady” of the group.

Sonja’s appearance on *Survivor* came after a tough battle with breast cancer. She was recovering, had just ended an 11-year relationship, and moved to a senior living community. Then, one morning, she read about CBS’s search for *Survivor* contestants. It was a new chapter, a fresh start.

And what a chapter it was. Despite the early exit, Sonja Christopher left a lasting impression on *Survivor* fans and contestants alike. A reminder that sometimes, it’s not about how long you stay in the game, but how you play it. And Sonja? She played it with grace.

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