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Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Enjoys Every Moment of Love Story with David Woolley

Sister Wives star Christine Brown and her husband David Woolley are being featured in a two-part TLC special, where the couple’s wedding will be shown. Christine and David shared how they met and got together in the clip. Christine’s children from her previous marriage were present at her wedding and she also had the support of former sister wife Janelle Brown.

Christine Brown, star of Sister Wives, is enjoying her love story with husband David Woolley, and they recently got married surrounded by supportive family and friends, including former sister wife Janelle Brown, while her ex-husband Kody did not attend the wedding.

Sister Wives star Christine Brown is loving her new romance with husband David Woolley, as depicted in a two-part TLC special, Sister Wives: Christine and David’s Wedding. The anticipation builds as Christine, 51, and David, 59, are seen enjoying their special day together, with Christine straddling David as he sits in a chair in the center of the dance floor, surrounded by their cheering wedding guests. Christine and David also take a moment to recount how they initially found each other, with Christine humorously admitting, “I stalked him. Found him online,” and David jokingly mentioning that upon meeting her in person he discovered, “She’s aggressive.”

After ending her marriage with Kody Brown in 2021, Christine has expressed her deep connection and happiness with David. The couple officially tied the knot in October, with five of Christine’s children in attendance. Despite not being present, Christine was supported by her former sister wife, Janelle Brown, who spoke approvingly of Christine and David’s affectionate relationship in a teaser for the show. Although Christine’s wedding day was without the presence of all of her family members, it was a joyous event for the couple, as they embark on their new journey together.

Amidst the changes in relationships within the Sister Wives family, Kody Brown shared his thoughts on Christine’s new marriage, expressing that he knew Christine and David would get married. This sentiment was seconded by Kody’s wife, Robyn. Despite some complexities within the family dynamic, Christine’s marriage to David marks a significant and happy milestone for the couple. With the first part of the special airing in January, fans eagerly anticipate witnessing Christine and David’s heartfelt wedding celebration.

David, who made his debut appearance on Sister Wives in a December 17 episode, expressed during a confessional that he feels a deep connection to Christine. The two-part TLC special featuring Christine and David’s wedding is set to air on January 7 and the following week.

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