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Shannon Beador Opens Up About Heather Dubrow’s Lack of Support on RHOC Season 17

Shannon Beador weighed in on her Real Housewives of Orange County co-star Heather Dubrow, claiming that Heather was mostly on her own this season and didn’t have much support from others. Shannon also mentioned that there are unresolved issues between Heather and Tamra Judge, and that she believes Heather will likely continue on the show. Despite rumors of her husband Terry Dubrow having an affair during filming, Heather shut down the accusations and expressed confidence in her relationship.

Shannon Beador revealed that her Real Housewives of Orange County co-star Heather Dubrow has been dealing with conflict on her own this season and predicts that the tension won’t prevent Heather from returning to the show.

Title: Shannon Beador Reflects on Heather Dubrow’s Journey on RHOC Season 17

In a recent interview, Shannon Beador from The Real Housewives of Orange County opened up about her co-star Heather Dubrow’s solitary experience on the show’s seventeenth season. Speaking exclusively to Us Weekly, Beador shared her observation that while Dubrow may have had some support at times, she mostly found herself isolated. Drawing from her own encounters on the series, Beador empathetically expressed that being left alone on an “island” is far from enjoyable.

Throughout the current season, which premiered earlier this month, Dubrow has been entangled in conflicts with fellow co-star Tamra Judge, who returned to the Bravo franchise after a brief hiatus. Beador herself has also faced drama with the fitness coach, with Judge publicly referring to her as a “drunk” and a “liar” during the breakdown of their once-close friendship. Notably, this feud began in a previous season when Beador developed a bond with former cast member Kelly Dodd.

Preferring to take responsibility for her own actions, Beador clarified that she is not claiming Dubrow made a series of mistakes, but rather it was a lack of compatibility that caused tensions to arise. Despite this, she hinted that she and Judge had managed to resolve their issues during the season, a resolution that was not mirrored in Dubrow’s case. This leads Beador to anticipate discussing these unresolved issues at the reunion, already keeping her mind focused on future confrontations.

Furthermore, Dubrow’s clashes went beyond her disagreements with Judge. On the season premiere, she was hurt by Gina Kirschenheiter’s confession that she had doubts about inviting Dubrow to certain events due to her perceived high standards. Despite the ongoing conflicts with her castmates, Beador strongly believes that Dubrow will continue to be a part of the reality series, expressing that it would be surprising if she didn’t return.

Amidst the filming of season 17, rumors circulated suggesting that Dubrow’s husband, Terry Dubrow, was having an affair. However, at BravoCon 2022, the reality star promptly dispelled these accusations. Maintaining a resilient attitude, Dubrow emphasized the importance of not allowing rumors to break one’s spirit, asserting that individuals must remain secure in their own lives and brush off the noise.

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