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Scheana Shay Reveals VPR Executive Producer’s Frustration with Ariana Madix for Exiting Show

Scheana Shay revealed on her podcast that the executive producer of “Vanderpump Rules,” Jeremiah Smith, encouraged cast members to break the fourth wall following Ariana Madix’s walkout during the season 11 finale, expressing frustration with Madix’s departure. The finale drama highlighted tensions within the cast, particularly between Madix and Tom Sandoval, stemming from Sandoval’s cheating scandal and its impact on the group dynamics, with Shay and other cast members feeling betrayed and distrustful.

Scheana Shay revealed on her podcast that the executive producer of “Vanderpump Rules” was frustrated with Ariana Madix for walking out during the season 11 finale, amidst discussions about breaking the fourth wall and the cast’s reactions to the drama.

Scheana Shay spilled the tea on her podcast, “Scheananigans.” She got real about what went down behind the scenes of the “Vanderpump Rules” season 11 finale. It was juicy, to say the least.

On a sunny Friday, May 10 episode, she told her guest, Matt Rogers, something intriguing. Apparently, Jeremiah Smith, the executive producer, was all for breaking the fourth wall after Ariana Madix’s dramatic exit. “Let it all out,” he said. Or something to that effect.

Jeremiah tried to play it cool, calming Ariana down after Tom Sandoval’s ambush attempt. Ariana wasn’t having any of it, though. She bounced, leaving the cast to wrap up without her.

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Ariana was fuming. She told the producer about Tom’s disregard for her well-being. “He doesn’t give a f—k if I died in a ditch,” she said. Harsh words, but can you blame her?

There’s this photo of Lala Kent, Scheana Shay, Katie Maloney, and Ariana Madix looking all glam. The caption and credit are there too, but let’s not get bogged down by details.

Ariana didn’t trust Tom’s motives, not one bit. She saw through his redemption act. She was the “final boss” in his quest for forgiveness, and she wasn’t playing along.

Back to Scheana, she mentioned on her podcast that Jeremiah wasn’t exactly thrilled with Ariana walking out. It felt like a slap in the face to everyone involved.

Matt Rogers, however, saw the drama-filled ending as something else. An action-packed conclusion, if you will. Scheana, reflecting on it, understood where Ariana was coming from, but it still stung.

The cast felt abandoned by Ariana’s decision. “F—k all of your jobs,” it seemed to say. Scheana couldn’t help but feel bitter.

Tom’s reaction didn’t help matters. He ranted about Ariana being “performative” and not caring about anyone. He even accused her of laziness, of all things.

After venting, Tom confronted Lala and Scheana. He was pissed, not at them, but at the situation. Ariana, according to him, was the real problem.

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Sandoval later backtracked on his comments about Ariana on “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.” Scheana, meanwhile, was emotional, feeling the impact of his words.

Scheana tried to make sense of it all. She didn’t think Ariana hated her, but the group dynamics had shifted. Trust was scarce, and the fallout from Tom’s actions lingered.

Ariana stood her ground on the “Vanderpump Rules After Show.” She encouraged everyone to read her contract. She wasn’t obligated to engage in anything that didn’t feel real to her.

And so, the saga continues. The first part of the reunion airs on Bravo, promising more revelations and possibly, more drama. Can’t wait, right?

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