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Scheana Shay Refutes Claims of Highlighting Ariana Madix’s Absence at Brother Jeremy’s Birthday Dinner

Scheana Shay, a star from “Vanderpump Rules,” has publicly denied allegations that she intentionally showcased Ariana Madix’s absence from her brother Jeremy’s birthday celebration, stating her intention was merely to share a video of her daughter and Jeremy’s fiancée. The situation has highlighted the strained relationship between Ariana and Jeremy, with Jeremy attributing their lack of communication to his need to support his fiancée amidst unspecified tensions, despite expressing hope for reconciliation with his sister.

Scheana Shay denies trying to highlight Ariana Madix’s absence from her brother Jeremy’s birthday dinner, amidst discussions about their strained relationship and Jeremy’s estrangement from Ariana due to issues with his fiancée.

Scheana Shay, a star from “Vanderpump Rules,” found herself in the spotlight recently. Not for drama, but for a simple video she shared. It was Tuesday, May 22, when she decided to post a clip. The video was all about celebrating Jeremy Madix’s birthday. She was there, her husband Brock Davies, and their adorable 3-year-old, Summer. Jeremy’s fiancée, Rachael, made an appearance too. But Ariana Madix, Jeremy’s sister, was nowhere to be seen.

This absence didn’t go unnoticed. A keen Bravo fan jumped onto X, throwing a question into the ether. They wondered, “Was Scheana trying to highlight Ariana’s absence?” It’s the kind of question that stirs the pot, even if unintentionally.

Scheana’s response was swift and sprinkled with humor. “Def reading too much into it lol,” she replied on X. She clarified, saying she wanted to share a moment of her daughter singing, nothing more.

But here’s the twist. Scheana has been seen more with Jeremy lately. This change came after Jeremy revealed he and Ariana were not on speaking terms. It was a bombshell that left fans puzzled. Jeremy made it clear on a podcast earlier this year. The reason for their silence? It wasn’t related to the infamous Scandoval drama.

Jeremy had to make a tough choice. It was either his sister or his fiancée. “Why I haven’t been talking to my sister and Scandoval are two totally separate things,” he clarified to Us Weekly in March. The tension between Ariana and his fiancée was the real issue.

Despite the rift, Jeremy holds no grudges. He loves Ariana dearly. He even reached out to her in December, hoping to mend fences. But so far, silence. “I love her so much,” he admits, still hopeful for reconciliation.

Meanwhile, Scheana Shay has her own take on the drama. Asked about her bond with Jeremy, she opened up. “I’ve always been close with Jeremy,” she shared on her podcast, “Scheananigans.” They’re like family, she insists. Jeremy is like a little brother to her, a bond that has lasted over a decade.

In a world where drama is currency, this story unfolds with a mix of love, misunderstanding, and hope for resolution. Scheana, caught in the middle, navigates these waters with a blend of humor and sincerity. As for Ariana and Jeremy, the hope for a brother-sister reunion hangs in the balance, a storyline waiting for its next chapter.

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