CelebritiesBlogScheana Shay Opens Up About Feeling Traumatized After Kissing Tom Schwartz

Scheana Shay Opens Up About Feeling Traumatized After Kissing Tom Schwartz

Scheana Shay opened up about her reasons for not disclosing a kiss she shared with Tom Schwartz to Katie Maloney, expressing that she was traumatized by the event and did not want to be perceived as a cheater, especially given her past involvement in a high-profile cheating scandal. Schwartz admitted to the kiss, which happened 12 years ago, on an episode of “Vanderpump Rules,” describing it as inconsequential but revealing it during a time he and Katie were experiencing relationship difficulties, aiming for a “summer of forgiveness.”

Scheana Shay explained on her podcast why she kept her kiss with Tom Schwartz a secret from Katie Maloney, citing trauma and a desire not to be perceived as a cheater, amidst revelations and discussions on “Vanderpump Rules.”

Oh boy, where do I even start? Scheana Shay, right? She’s got this story that’s kinda wild. So, she didn’t spill the beans to Katie Maloney about a kiss with Tom Schwartz. And guess what? She’s not losing sleep over it.

“I honestly don’t even think I remembered around that time,” Scheana confessed on her “Scheananigans” podcast. It’s like, she buried it deep down. The reality star was shook by the whole thing. Despite what people might think, she insists she’s no cheater.

Now, here’s a twist. On “Vanderpump Rules,” Schwartz, who’s 41 by the way, dropped a bombshell. He admitted to kissing Scheana like, ages ago in Vegas. “Everyone has cheated. We have all cheated,” he said, trying to normalize his past as a “makeout slut.”

And then, there’s this tangled web of hookups on the show. It’s like, the most dramatic reality TV ever, right? Schwartz tried to play it cool, saying it was during a rocky moment with Katie. He’s all about this “summer of forgiveness.”

Katie found out through Lala Kent and, no surprise, was not thrilled. Scheana tried to defend herself, saying it wasn’t romantic at all. It happened when she and Ariana [Madix] were at a cheer competition. Schwartz just pulled her aside and kissed her. “That was not a makeout,” she insists.

Scheana’s dating history is like a soap opera. She mentioned it on her podcast, hinting at why she kept mum about the kiss. Back in 2006, she was unknowingly the other woman. She didn’t want to be labeled a “home-wrecking whore” by the women in L.A.

“In that moment, I said, ‘This never happened. You take this s–t to the grave. You go to your room. I go to mine. And never speak of it,'” she recalled. She didn’t want to add to Katie’s pain, knowing Schwartz’s history of being a “makeout slut.”

But Katie, on her end, wished Scheana had told her. She expressed this on the “Vanderpump Rules After Show,” saying they were close enough for Scheana to have confided in her.

And for those hooked on the drama, “Vanderpump Rules” airs on Bravo Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET. You can catch it streaming on Peacock the next day. So, grab your popcorn, folks. This show is a rollercoaster.

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