CelebritiesBlogScheana Shay & Lindsay Hubbard: What Really Happened in Mexico.

Scheana Shay & Lindsay Hubbard: What Really Happened in Mexico.

Scheana Shay received a text from Lindsay Hubbard while in Mexico on what would have been Hubbard’s wedding weekend, letting her know that she heard negative comments being made about her. Shay texted Hubbard back to explain that her comments were meant as a joke, but Hubbard did not respond. After Carl Radke called off the engagement to Hubbard, he sent a message to wedding guests, apologizing for the confusion and lack of communication and encouraging them to still make the most of their trip.

Scheana Shay received a text from Lindsay Hubbard while in Mexico on the weekend that would have been Hubbard’s wedding, with Hubbard expressing concern that Shay had been saying negative things about her, which Shay clarified was a joke.

Scheana Shay found herself in a bit of a predicament while on a trip to Mexico as she was surrounded by friends visiting the wedding location of Summer House stars Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke. On her podcast “Scheananigans,” Scheana revealed that while spending time with Radke’s mom in Mexico, she received a text from Hubbard. The text revealed that Hubbard had heard from multiple sources that Scheana was being negative about her during the trip.

In her defense, Scheana shared that she had been spending time hanging out with Carl’s mom due to their years-long friendship, and that she had only made one comment and that too was intended as a joke. She expressed empathy for Hubbard and the difficulty of the situation, but maintained that her comment had been misconstrued. Scheana stated that she reached out to explain to Hubbard that it was not her intention to come off negatively.

In other news, it was previously confirmed that Radke had called off his engagement to Hubbard with cameras picking back up to capture the breakup. Radke even sent a message to their wedding guests, expressing his regret for the confusion. While Hubbard did not join the trip to Mexico, she revealed plans to focus on writing a book, which she hinted would feature anecdotes about her career, dating, and family. So, as the drama continues to unfold, fans are left eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this saga.

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