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Scheana Shay Discusses Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Backlash & Producer Meeting That Altered Show Direction

Scheana Shay addressed the backlash from season 11 of “Vanderpump Rules” on her podcast, revealing a pivotal meeting with producers that pressured the cast to interact with Tom Sandoval after his cheating scandal, which significantly influenced the direction of the show. She discussed the challenges of filming under the threat of cancellation and the impact on the cast’s dynamics, especially her and Lala Kent’s efforts to prevent the show from ending, acknowledging the broader consequences on the crew and the series’ future.

Scheana Shay addressed the backlash from Vanderpump Rules season 11, revealing a crucial meeting with producers that pressured the cast to engage with Tom Sandoval post-scandal, emphasizing the show’s risk of cancellation and her stance on maintaining its continuity for the crew’s sake.

Scheana Shay finally spoke out. She dished the dirt on the “Vanderpump Rules” season 11 drama during her podcast, “Scheananigans.” It was a Friday like no other. She spilled how a behind-the-scenes chat with producers nudged the cast towards Tom Sandoval post-scandal.

The whole season felt off, walking on eggshells, you know? Scheana echoed what the executive producer, Alex Baskin, admitted. Midseason, things looked bleak. “X, Y, and Z need to happen,” they said, “or it’s curtains for the show.” Talk about pressure!

That chat? It changed things for Scheana and Lala Kent. They felt the weight of saving the show on their shoulders. “We don’t want the show to get canceled,” Scheana reflected. Imagine that kind of stress.

Meanwhile, season 11 had its own narrative arc. It resumed three months after Sandoval’s affair hit the headlines. Initially, the cast rallied around Ariana Madix, Sandoval’s ex. But as filming continued, allegiances shifted. Drama, right?

Baskin shared with The New York Times the turmoil behind the scenes. The cast was polarized against Sandoval, and Madix wouldn’t even film with him. In July, a “Come to Jesus” meeting was called. But Baskin’s tone had changed. This wasn’t about 20-something waiters anymore. “We can still squeeze a great season out of it,” he hoped.

Scheana, on her podcast, delved deeper. She talked about the crew, about 80 to 100 people, depending on the show. “We’re doing our jobs for all these people,” she said. It’s not just about the cast; it’s about the crew’s livelihoods too. When someone walks away, it’s not just the show that ends. It affects everyone involved.

After the season 11 reunion, the spotlight was on Scheana and Lala, 33. They were criticized for pressuring Ariana, 38, to film with Sandoval. Lala even issued an apology for her comments about the fans. Scheana, though, stood by her decision, fighting for the show’s future.

There’s talk about season 12 being on hold. Rumors swirled in April 2024 about Bravo hitting the pause button. The aftermath of Sandoval and Rachel “Raquel” Leviss’s cheating scandal had been thoroughly documented. What’s next for the show?

Reflecting on the backlash, Scheana expressed her thoughts. “Watching it back, I think I’ve lost who I’ve lost,” she mused. Perhaps season 12 will offer a chance for redemption, for understanding. Ariana’s decision to walk away post-reunion made Scheana see things differently.

“I always see both sides,” Scheana concluded. She understands Lala’s perspective and Ariana’s insistence on authenticity. “You didn’t cave, and you held on to your boundary,” she said, respecting Ariana’s stance.

“Vanderpump Rules” season 11 is available on Peacock. It’s a wrap, but the conversation, the drama, and the reflections continue. What a ride, huh?

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