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Savannah Chrisley accuses Southwest Airlines of forcing her off a flight after dispute over carry-on bag

Savannah Chrisley, reality star and daughter of Todd and Julie Chrisley, claimed on social media that she was forced off a Southwest Airlines flight after an argument with an airline attendant who refused to let her bring her carry-on luggage onboard. Chrisley alleged that the attendant referred to her as an “unruly passenger” and when the pilot attempted to help, the attendant reportedly told him to “stay out of it”. Southwest Airlines stated that their initial reports indicate a different story from Chrisley’s account, as she arrived late and repeatedly insulted the employee after being asked to gate-check her bag before being denied boarding.

Reality star Savannah Chrisley claims that she was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight after an argument over whether she could carry on her luggage or not.

Reality star Savannah Chrisley, known for her appearances on the TV show Chrisley Knows Best, accused Southwest Airlines of unfairly removing her from a flight after a disagreement with an airline attendant over checking her carry-on bag. According to Chrisley, she was flying home to Tennessee from New York City’s John F. Kennedy airport when the incident occurred. Chrisley claimed on her Instagram Story that the airline attendant referred to her in a derogatory manner before the incident ended with her being taken off the flight.

Chrisley expressed frustration with Southwest and said that she now understood why people disliked the airline so much. She also thanked the pilot for taking her side and called him “great” and “good-looking.” Chrisley has a reputation for speaking her mind, which has sometimes landed her in hot water with critics.

The TV celebrity has been public about her family’s legal troubles. In 2019, her parents, Todd and Julie Chrisley, were indicted on charges of tax evasion, bank and wire fraud, and conspiracy. After being found guilty in June 2022, Todd was sentenced to 12 years in prison, while Julie received a seven-year sentence behind bars. Savannah has also discussed her own struggles coping with her parents’ imprisonment, including feeling guilt about moving on with her life.

After the incident with Southwest Airlines, Chrisley was eventually able to get on a connecting flight through Baltimore to return to her family, which includes her 10-year-old niece Chloe, for whom she has custody, and her 16-year-old brother Grayson. Despite the challenges she is facing, Savannah is keeping busy with her podcast, Sassy, and other business ventures.

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