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Sam Feher confronts Malia White for flirting with Kory Keefer on ‘Winter House’ episode.

Sam Feher went off on Malia White for her flirty behavior toward Kory Keefer on an episode of Winter House. Sam expressed frustration that Malia seemed to be hitting on her now-boyfriend Kory and claimed that Malia is “obsessed with Kory’s dick.” Malia denied hitting on Kory and claimed that everyone thought Kory was “fair game,” but has since become exclusive with Kory and admitted that he probably should have acted less flirty with some of his housemates while filming.

During the new episode of Winter House, Sam Feher confronted Malia White for her flirty behavior toward Kory Keefer, who is now Sam’s boyfriend, expressing her frustration and accusing Malia of being “desperate.”

In a recent episode of Winter House, Sam Feher expressed her frustration at the flirty behavior displayed by Malia White and Kory Keefer. Sam even went as far as to refer to Malia’s interactions with Kory as “obsessed” and “desperate.” It is clear that the tension between Sam and Malia continued to rise throughout the episode.

Malia and Kory’s flirtatious behavior has caused a stir among the housemates, especially Sam. Sam was visibly upset by the interactions and made her feelings known to fellow housemate Amanda Batula. When confronted by Malia, Sam did not shy away from addressing her concerns, which eventually led to a heated exchange between the two.

It has been revealed that Sam and Kory have since become official, and Kory confessed that he should have been more careful with his interactions with his housemates. The tension between the housemates certainly sets the stage for dramatic confrontations in future episodes of Winter House. Tune in to Bravo on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET to catch all the latest drama.

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