CelebritiesBlogRHOP Star Karen Huger's Car Wrecked After Maryl& Accident, Receives Multiple Citations

RHOP Star Karen Huger’s Car Wrecked After Maryl& Accident, Receives Multiple Citations

“Real Housewives of Potomac” star Karen Huger was involved in a car accident in Maryland, leading to her vehicle being wrecked and her receiving multiple citations, including charges for DUI and DWI. Huger released a statement describing her emotional state during the accident, attributing it to grief over her mother’s passing and the near-miss collision that led to her hitting a divider and a tree, while emphasizing the importance of seatbelt use.

“RHOP” star Karen Huger was involved in a car crash in Maryland, charged with DUI and DWI, and released a statement acknowledging her emotional state at the time due to grieving her mother, emphasizing the importance of understanding one’s emotional state while driving.

Oh boy, Karen Huger’s been through it, huh? Just hours after her car crash news hit the internet, TMZ dropped a bomb. They said she’s facing DUI and DWI charges. Talk about a rough day.

Before all that mess came to light, Karen had shared a bit about her state of mind during the crash. She was all “Thanks for the prayers, folks.” But man, she was shaken up. Can you blame her? She dodged a head-on collision, smacked into a divider, and then a tree. Ouch.

Karen was dealing with a lot, emotionally speaking. The anniversary of her mom’s passing was hitting her hard. She even said grief felt like a tsunami. Imagine that. She was out with a friend, trying to cope, and then bam—accident city.

She wrapped up her statement with a reminder to everyone about being mindful of their emotional state while driving. And yeah, she mentioned the importance of seatbelts. Her mom, she said, must be her guardian angel.

As for the court stuff, there’s a mandatory appearance coming up for Karen. But no word yet on when that’ll be.

Switching gears to before the crash, Karen was living it up in Jamaica with her daughter, Rayvin. They were soaking in the sun, and Rayvin was, let’s say, “borrowing” Karen’s makeup. Karen found it funny enough to share on Instagram.

Karen hasn’t said a peep about the wreck on social media. But she did post her RHOP reunion look, all glammed up and ready to shine. “ART was the assignment,” she declared. Classic Karen.

She’s been on RHOP since the get-go, back in 2016. Her taglines? Always iconic. But she told Us she wished she’d gone with “People come for me all the time. They just don’t find me.” Missed opportunity, huh?

Karen’s no stranger to making statements, fashion or otherwise. Last month, she turned heads on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen by going pantless. Yep, you read that right. She rocked black velvet underwear, tights, a blazer, and some snazzy heels. Only Karen, folks. Only Karen.

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