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Raquel Leviss Reveals Why Tom Sandoval Tried to Stop Bravo from Filming Their Conversation at Vanderpump Rules Reunion

Tom Sandoval tried to stop Bravo from filming their conversation at the season 10 Vanderpump Rules reunion. This is because of the frustration over Tom Schwartz admitting at the reunion that he knew about their affair. Sandoval wanted to make sure Raquel Leviss stayed true to their timeline before she walked out on the reunion stage. He did not want to break the fourth wall and partially acted on the show.

Sandoval and Leviss sparked a romance in summer 2022 while he was still dating Ariana Madix. The cheating scandal caused Sandoval and Madix to end their relationship after nearly a decade together. Leviss checked herself into a mental health facility in the wake of her affair and remained in treatment for 90 days before confirming in August 2023 that she had no plans to return to the reality series.

Leviss used her podcast to call out the “staged” aspects of the show. She alleged that she was encouraged to make a move on Schwartz after he initially blew her off. The twosome shared an on-camera kiss in Mexico, and Leviss said she felt “rewarded” for her behavior when her birthday trip became the focus of a future episode.

Raquel Leviss shared on her podcast that Tom Sandoval tried to prevent Bravo from filming their conversation at the Vanderpump Rules reunion in an effort to control the narrative and maintain the fourth wall.

Raquel Leviss, a cast member of the Bravo reality TV show Vanderpump Rules, recently shared details about the drama surrounding her relationship with Tom Sandoval. During an episode of her “Rachel Goes Rogue” podcast, Leviss revealed that Sandoval was unhappy about a conversation regarding their affair being filmed during the show’s season 10 reunion. The conversation centered around Sandoval’s frustration over Tom Schwartz admitting that he knew about their affair, potentially indicating that Schwartz’s fling with Leviss may not have been as genuine as it seemed on screen. Leviss claimed that Sandoval sought to maintain an illusion and a specific timeline and let her know this before she walked out on the reunion stage.

The reconciliation between Sandoval and Leviss sparked controversy among the Vanderpump Rules cast. According to Leviss, Sandoval aimed to reinforce her commitment to their story in order to keep her under control and prevent her from exposing the truth. This control tactic ultimately led to Leviss following through on the planned narrative.

Following news of the affair, Sandoval’s relationship with Ariana Madix ended after nearly a decade together. Leviss sought treatment after the scandal, while Sandoval, Schwartz, and Madix returned for season 11 of Vanderpump Rules after addressing their issues on camera. Leviss has openly discussed the scripted and staged elements of the show, stating that fan comments appear to influence storylines and production decisions.

Leviss also shared that she felt rewarded for her behavior and that she was encouraged to pursue a relationship with Schwartz despite his initial rejection. This suggests a dynamic influenced by production or strategic decisions made by the cast. The dramatic storylines on Vanderpump Rules are sure to continue as season 11 airs on Bravo.

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