CelebritiesBlogPaige DeSorbo reveals major Summer House regret involving Hannah Berner

Paige DeSorbo reveals major Summer House regret involving Hannah Berner

Paige DeSorbo has a major regret about how she treated her “soulmate” Hannah Berner during her final season on Summer House and wishes she could have been a better friend to her. She feels she should have been more supportive of Hannah and their other costar, Amanda, and that the two women’s close friendship was a direct result of Hannah’s firing from the show. Paige’s podcast with Hannah, “Giggly Squad,” has since taken off, leading to new career opportunities for both of them.

Paige DeSorbo regrets not being a better friend to Hannah Berner during a season of ‘Summer House’ and feels bad for what Hannah went through.

Paige DeSorbo has opened up about her regrets from her time on Bravo’s Summer House, specifically when it comes to her friendship with Hannah Berner. During an episode of Dear Media’s “The Skinny Confidential Him & Her” podcast, Paige expressed remorse for not being a better friend to Hannah and for not sticking up for her during an “intense” season of the show. She reflected on the “toughest year” that Hannah went through and how her own actions could have changed the outcome of Hannah not returning for the next season.

Hannah announced her departure from Summer House in May 2021 after three seasons. Her final season was filled with ups and downs with her former housemates, including Luke Gulbranson, Kyle Cooke, Amanda Batula, and Lindsay Hubbard. Paige admitted that she felt regret for not taking a stronger stance and offering more support to Hannah during this difficult time.

Despite the regrets, Paige and Hannah have remained close friends and even co-host a podcast together called “Giggly Squad.” Paige credits Hannah’s firing from Summer House for changing the course of their friendship and allowing “Giggly Squad” to take the form that it did. Reflecting on the circumstances of Hannah’s departure, Paige believes that “everything happens for a reason.”

Looking ahead, Paige is set to return for the upcoming eighth season of Summer House. While the show continues without Hannah, the two women continue to share their friendship through their podcast, demonstrating that some friendships are truly meant to last beyond reality TV.

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