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Paige DeSorbo of Summer House Jokes She’d Cry If No One Flirted with Her All Summer Amid Jesse Drama

Paige DeSorbo from “Summer House” expressed gratitude for the attention she received from newcomer Jesse Solomon during season 8, jokingly stating she would be upset if no one hit on her all summer. Despite the drama, her boyfriend Craig Conover did not see Jesse as competition, and the situation led to a humorous but awkward moment during a dinner conversation that involved the entire group.

Paige DeSorbo humorously expressed gratitude for the attention she received from Jesse Solomon during the filming of “Summer House” Season 8, joking that she would be upset if no one flirted with her all summer.

Oh boy, Paige DeSorbo from “Summer House” sure knows how to keep things spicy, doesn’t she? She got all this attention from Jesse Solomon, a newbie on the show. And guess what? She was all for it. Unlike some of her co-stars, she didn’t mind one bit.

“If no one hit on me all summer, I would cry,” she said on the “Summer House After Show.” Can you imagine? She’d pack it in. Just like that. “That’s it, it’s over for me. I’ve hit 31 and I’m done.” Talk about drama!

But here’s the kicker. Paige was actually thankful for Jesse’s attention. “I was like, ‘Oh my god thanks,'” she admitted. It’s like she needed that validation, you know?

Now, on to her boyfriend, Craig Conover. He didn’t see Jesse as a threat. Not even close. When they met, Craig was like, “Oh, yeah Paige.” He wasn’t worried at all. It’s kind of funny, actually.

During one dinner, Kyle Cooke stirred the pot by mentioning Jesse’s interest in Paige right in front of Craig. Awkward, right? But Craig, he just laughed it off. “She’s a pretty girl. I would too,” he said. He’s got a point, though. You want someone desirable, right?

Craig later chatted with Amanda Batula and Paige about how bizarre their dinner conversations can get. “You guys are just like, ‘Let’s think about the most absurd thing you can say to someone and just go!’” he said. Paige found it hilarious. “That’s what our dinners are.”

Looking back, Paige wasn’t mad at Kyle for bringing it up. She thinks Craig should know other men find her attractive. Fair enough. But Kyle’s wife, Amanda, wasn’t thrilled. She got upset, saying Kyle didn’t consider how his comments might affect others. Kyle admitted it spiraled more than he expected.

Jesse, on the other hand, seemed okay with Craig after hitting on Paige when Craig wasn’t around. He even said they called him “Craigy Beast” to his face, and he loved it. Jesse confessed to having a “flirty personality.”

But there was a bit of drama when Jesse allegedly put his hand on Paige’s knee. He claimed it wasn’t intentional. “I was scared that Lindsay [Hubbard] cocked her fist back and was about to knock me out,” he explained. Sounds like a close call, doesn’t it?

Craig, meanwhile, is feeling good about where he and Paige stand after more than two years of dating. He’s looking forward to this new era in his life, with his “real relationship” with Paige and his growing business, Sewing Down South.

“Summer House” airs on Bravo Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET, with episodes available the next day on Peacock. And don’t forget, the “Summer House After Show” episodes drop on Thursdays via the streaming platform. It’s a whole lot of drama and laughs, perfect for those who can’t get enough of reality TV shenanigans.

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