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Paige DeSorbo Crowned Confessional Queen of Summer House Season 8 with Iconic Quotes Paige DeSorbo has been a standout on Summer House for her witty one-liners, & her Season 8 quotes have solidified her status as the show’s confessional queen. From teasing her boyfriend Craig Conover about his pasta knowledge to her candid thoughts on adulting, Paige’s humor has made her a fan favorite. Despite some of her jokes not landing well with her co-stars, Paige’s ability to keep viewers laughing with her realness has been undeniable. Scroll down to see some of Paige’s most memorable quotes from the season. From her humorous take on founding fathers to her playful jabs at Craig’s historical look-alikes & culinary confusions, Paige’s commentary has been a highlight of the season. Her ability to mix humor with observations on relationships, comfort, & life’s little victories has resonated with the audience. Whether she’s discussing the dynamics of her relationship with Craig, supporting her friend Ciara Miller, or calling out co-star West for his treatment of Ciara post-show, Paige’s loyalty & wit shine through. The season also saw Paige navigating friendships & tensions within the Summer House, including her fallout with Danielle & her thoughts on Lindsay Hubbard’s relationship with Carl Radke. Through it all, Paige’s confessional moments have provided laughter, insight, & a fair share of memorable quotes that have contributed to her confessional queen title. As the season wrapped up, Paige’s support for her friends & her no-nonsense approach to drama remained evident, proving why she’s not just a confessional queen but also a cherished member of the Summer House cast. With the Season 8 reunion underway, Paige continues to be a vocal & entertaining presence, standing up for her friends & sharing her take on the season’s events.

Paige DeSorbo earned the title of “confessional queen” in Season 8 of “Summer House” with her humorous and candid remarks, becoming a fan favorite for her witty one-liners and real talk. Despite some tension with her co-stars over her jokes, particularly with Danielle Olivera, Paige remained true to herself, delivering memorable quotes and proving her comedic prowess throughout the season.

Paige DeSorbo stood out in Season 8 of “Summer House” with her humorous and candid confessional quotes, making her a fan favorite despite some drama with her co-stars over her jokes.

Oh, Paige DeSorbo. She’s truly the queen of confessions on “Summer House” Season 8. Her wit? Unmatched. Her quotes? Iconic. She’s got this knack for making you laugh, whether she’s teasing her boyfriend, Craig Conover, or getting real about adulting. And let’s be honest, her humor is a breath of fresh air.

But not everyone’s a fan. Danielle Olivera, for instance, wasn’t too thrilled. She thought Paige’s jokes went a bit too far. Drama alert! At the season 8 reunion, things got spicy. Danielle called Paige’s confessionals damaging, but Paige? She stood her ground, claiming her humor was just that—humor.

Switching gears, Paige and Craig’s relationship is something out of a Bravo fan’s dream. Their dynamic? Hilariously relatable. Like that time Craig googled what rigatoni was while in Italy. I mean, who hasn’t had a “rigatoni moment” in their relationship?

Paige’s commentary on life and love doesn’t stop there. She’s got opinions on everything—from Craig’s wild ideas to the joys of a simple hotdog. And don’t get her started on double standards or her witchy ways. She’s got a quote for every occasion.

But it’s not all laughs and jokes. Paige gets real, too. She’s been there for her friends, calling out the nonsense when she sees it. Like when Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke’s relationship was on the rocks. Paige wasn’t afraid to tell it like it is, proving she’s more than just a comedic relief.

And let’s not forget her role as a cheerleader for her friends. Especially when it came to Ciara Miller’s situation with West. Paige was front and center, defending her friend and calling out West’s behavior. That’s the kind of friend everyone needs.

In the end, Paige DeSorbo isn’t just the confessional queen. She’s a loyal friend, a hilarious commentator, and a relatable figure in the whirlwind that is “Summer House.” Whether she’s making us laugh, think, or just nod in agreement, one thing’s for sure—Paige DeSorbo is one of a kind.

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