CelebritiesBlogPaige DeSorbo: A Day in the Life of the Summer House Star

Paige DeSorbo: A Day in the Life of the Summer House Star

Paige DeSorbo, known for her appearances on Summer House and Winter House, leads a busy and well-rounded life outside of reality television. In addition to filming, she hosts the podcast “Giggly Squad” with co-star Hannah Berner, where they discuss various topics and engage in self-deprecating humor. DeSorbo and Berner have even taken their podcast on tour, performing in cities like Montreal, Chicago, Toronto, and New York City.

Reality star Paige DeSorbo, known for her appearances on Summer House and Winter House, balances her busy schedule by hosting her own podcast “Giggly Squad” with her co-star Hannah Berner and hustling to make a name for herself outside of the Bravo shows.

Title: A Day in the Life of Paige DeSorbo: Balancing Reality TV, Podcasting, and Hustling

Paige DeSorbo, beloved for her appearances on shows like Summer House and Winter House, is proving that her life is more than just glitz and glamour. In an exclusive interview with her, DeSorbo shares what an average day looks like in her bustling and multifaceted world.

The day starts with DeSorbo shedding off her spray tan, a ritual that kick-starts her routine before she heads out to the set of her latest project. While she’s well-known for her time on Bravo’s reality shows, DeSorbo has been carving out her own path and making a name for herself behind the scenes. Among her ventures is the podcast “Giggly Squad,” co-hosted by her dear friend and fellow cast member Hannah Berner.

Together, DeSorbo and Berner tackle hot topics and spoof everything, including themselves, creating a light-hearted and entertaining show. The success of their podcast has taken them on the road, where they’ve performed live shows in various cities, including Montreal, Chicago, Toronto, and soon, New York City. DeSorbo took to Instagram in May to express her appreciation for selling out their live show in Philadelphia, stating that it felt “extra special.”

With new episodes dropping weekly, “Giggly Squad” has garnered a loyal following on Apple Podcasts. DeSorbo’s relentless work and commitment to her passions have allowed her to juggle several demanding projects simultaneously, proving that her life extends far beyond reality television and parties.

In conclusion, Paige DeSorbo demonstrates that there is much more to her than meets the eye. Balancing her appearances on popular reality TV shows, hosting a successful podcast, and nurturing her relationships, she epitomizes a modern-day hustler. Keep an eye out for DeSorbo’s upcoming projects as she continues to make waves in the entertainment industry.

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