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Padma Lakshmi is back for season 2 of Taste the Nation & shares her culinary adventures across America, exploring cuisine & culture with chefs & restauranteurs, in a series of 10 all-new episodes available on Hulu.

Padma Lakshmi is returning for season 2 of Taste the Nation, in which she travels across America, sharing meals and cultural history with chefs and restauranteurs. The 10 episodes will feature locations such as Puerto Rico, Washington DC, and New York City, with Lakshmi sampling foods such as borscht, cornbread and pasteles. The show aims to uncover the roots and relationship between food, humanity, and history, and challenge notions of identity, belonging, and what it means to be American.

Padma Lakshmi is back for the second season of Taste the Nation, traveling across America to explore the cuisine, culture, and stories of the chefs and restaurateurs she meets along the way.

Padma Lakshmi takes viewers on a culinary adventure across America in the second season of Taste the Nation. The trailers showcase her journey as she explores various cities in search of good food and cultural experiences. The season features ten episodes set to drop at once on May 5th on Hulu. In each episode, Padma shares laughter, meals, and cultural history with the chefs and restaurateurs she meets.

The show’s synopsis provides a glimpse of the cuisine Padma will sample during her road trip, such as borscht, cornbread, and pasteles. Still, it’s the trailer that truly tantalizes viewers’ taste buds. It opens with Padma biting down on a hot dish, exclaiming, “My whole mouth is alive! It’s so spicy that my scalp is itching!” As the trailer progresses, she indulges in unique fusion dishes, nibbles on deliciously satisfying, crunchy meals and even carves up a pig’s head.

Padma Lakshmi produces and hosts the Taste the Nation show, which uncovers the roots and relationships between food, humanity, and history. The show reveals stories that challenge identity, belonging, and what it means to be American. In the trailer, Padma states that she considers the United States a food paradise and engages in discussions with restaurateurs about a sense of identity and community for immigrants.

The teaser’s voiceover also reveals Padma seeking champagne, pickles, and vodka, exclaiming that it’s her kind of party. The second season of Taste the Nation promises to take viewers on a journey of culinary and cultural delights that showcases America’s diverse cuisine and people.

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