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Netflix’s Sexy Beasts: A Creative Take on Blind Dating With Elaborate Makeup & Prosthetics

Sexy Beasts, a dating show where singles wear elaborate costumes and prosthetics, has produced two seasons since its premiere in 2021. The show is based on Lion TV’s original British show for BBC Three and contestants filmed it in London during the COVID-19 pandemic. While some couples made a love match on the show, others formed close friendships, but none ended up in a romantic relationship.

On Netflix’s “Sexy Beasts,” hopeful singles attempt to make connections while wearing elaborate makeup and prosthetics, inspired by Lion TV’s original British show for BBC Three.

Netflix’s Sexy Beasts has become a creative way for singles to find love in a world plagued by the pandemic. Inspired by Lion TV’s original British show for BBC Three, the Netflix original has aired two successful seasons so far. Many of the contestants in the series come from the United States, even though the show was filmed in London during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Creator and executive producer for Lion TV, Simon Welton, said it has been an exciting process making Sexy Beasts for Netflix. He also expressed his confidence that viewers will love the show, which features an international cast of extraordinary characters wearing exceptional prosthetics, with Rob Delaney narrating the show.

During season 1, Kariselle Snow’s attempts to find true love while dressed as a panda led to a love match between her and Tyler Smith. The show’s personality later offered an update to viewers on their relationship after the season premiered on Netflix in July 2021. Although the two live across the country from each other, they remain close friends.

Kariselle’s episode also resulted in a friendship with Josh Kuza, sparking romance rumors. However, she clarified that they are still platonic and have a pact that they will get married to each other in about ten years if they are both single. Whether their love matches turn into lifelong partnerships or remain platonic, viewers enjoy watching Sexy Beasts for its creative, entertaining, and humorous approach to dating.

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