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Melissa Gorga Hasn’t Reached Out to Niece Milania After Accident Due to Teresa Giudice Drama

Melissa Gorga has not reached out to her niece Milania after her car accident due to ongoing family drama with Teresa Giudice, expressing happiness that Milania is okay but highlighting the lack of communication between the family members. The tension, rooted in disputes including accusations and disagreements, has led to Melissa and her husband Joe Gorga not attending Giudice’s wedding, with both sides of the family maintaining minimal contact and seemingly accepting the estrangement.

Melissa Gorga has not reached out to her niece Milania after her car accident due to ongoing family drama with Teresa Giudice.

Melissa Gorga is relieved that Teresa Giudice’s daughter, Milania, is safe after her car accident. However, the ongoing drama within the family has prevented her from reaching out. “I’m so glad she’s okay,” Melissa shared with Extra’s Billy Bush. But, she hasn’t made contact with Milania due to the family’s strained relations.

Milania’s accident happened on a Friday in New Jersey. Her Mercedes-Benz collided with another vehicle. While there was a dispute over who was at fault, thankfully, no one was injured.

Bush suggested that reaching out to Milania could help mend the family’s rift. Yet, Melissa felt she shouldn’t have to make the first move. The tension, especially concerning her marriage to Joe Gorga, Teresa’s brother, made things complicated.

The feud escalated when Joe and Melissa decided not to attend Teresa’s wedding to Luis Ruelas. “She’s never been happy for us,” Melissa expressed. She believed Teresa never supported their marriage.

Moreover, Teresa’s actions, such as bad-mouthing Melissa to her new fiancĂ©, only deepened the divide. Melissa, set to celebrate 20 years of marriage with Joe, felt betrayed.

The drama between Melissa and Teresa has been a central theme in RHONJ season 13. Attempts to resolve the rumors of Melissa’s infidelity only led to more discord, resulting in Joe and Melissa skipping Teresa and Ruelas’ wedding.

Melissa opened up on her “On Display” podcast about the reasons behind their absence. She couldn’t divulge everything due to filming contracts but promised to share the details with her listeners eventually.

The ongoing drama didn’t stop with season 13. In season 14, Melissa and Teresa continued to avoid each other on screen. Both seemed to agree that resolving their issues might not be possible.

“I think we’ve come to realize this might be it,” Melissa reflected on her podcast. The lack of communication has, in a strange way, brought some peace to the divided family. Everyone, it seems, is happier with the current arrangement.

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