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Mauricio Umansky Opens Up About Not Directly Asking Kyle Richards About Her Relationship with Morgan Wade

Mauricio Umansky, amidst rumors of his estranged wife Kyle Richards’ involvement with Morgan Wade, admitted he never directly asked Richards about the nature of her relationship with Wade, despite acknowledging their close connection. Umansky, who separated from Richards after 27 years of marriage, expressed his acceptance of Richards’ actions if they help her cope with their separation, highlighting the speculation and challenges surrounding their dating lives post-separation.

Mauricio Umansky admitted he never directly asked his estranged wife, Kyle Richards, if she was dating Morgan Wade, despite being aware of the rumors surrounding them.

Mauricio Umansky spilled the beans, kinda. He heard all the whispers about Kyle Richards and Morgan Wade. Yet, he didn’t let it bug him too much. “Rumors are just that,” he probably thought, chilling on his couch.

“There are a lot of rumors that Kyle is sleeping around with Morgan,” he said in season 2, episode 8 of *Buying Beverly Hills*. It debuted on a Friday, March 22, if you’re into specifics. “I gotta tell you, I don’t believe she’s got anything going on with Morgan.” Classic Mauricio, always the optimist. Or maybe in denial?

He even called himself a “dumbass” for not believing the gossip. Two episodes later, he’s chatting with a coworker, admitting he never asked Kyle “straight up” if she and Morgan were an item. Drama alert!

Then, Mauricio mused about Kyle and Morgan’s “connection.” They were always together, after all. “Maybe I don’t wanna know the truth,” he probably thought, fearing the answer might be a tad too real.

He reckoned, if Kyle’s happy, he’s happy. Even if it’s because of their separation. Ouch, right?

*Us Weekly* dropped a bomb in July 2023. Kyle and Mauricio called it quits after 27 years. Then, rumors swirled about Kyle and Morgan being more than pals. They met in February 2022, setting tongues wagging.

Both Kyle and Morgan denied the romance rumors. Yet, a source whispered to *Us* that there’s a “strong connection.” Kyle’s heart was all aflutter, feeling things she hadn’t in ages.

Umansky, on his end, told *Us* the hardest part of their split was the dating speculation. “It’s just flat-out wrong,” he said, frustrated by the rumors.

Despite the separation, Mauricio and Kyle remained “best friends.” He reflected on their growth over nearly three decades. “We’re in a good place,” he assured, hinting at a hopeful future.

And for those hooked on the drama, *Buying Beverly Hills* season 2 is streaming on Netflix. Grab your popcorn!

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