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Married at First Sight Exes Emily Balch & Brennan Shoykhet Clash Over Marriage Breakdown In an exclusive sneak peek of the season 17 reunion of Married at First Sight, Emily Balch & Brennan Shoykhet confront each other about their failed marriage. During a discussion with reunion host Kevin Frazier, Brennan tries to justify their unsuccessful therapy session with Dr. Pia Holec, admitting he was overly concerned about Emily’s feelings. Emily counters, suggesting Brennan was more focused on his own feelings. The reunion teaser also touches on Emily’s claim that Brennan manipulated her, highlighting the ongoing tension between the exes. They were initially matched on the show when it visited Denver, with Emily immediately attracted to Brennan. However, Brennan was hesitant, even resisting moving in with Emily after their marriage. Their relationship saw a brief moment of solidarity when Brennan supported Emily after a traumatic ATV accident. Despite this, their marriage faced continuous challenges, leading to two therapy sessions with Dr. Pia. Brennan expresses regret over his approach during therapy, acknowledging his misunderstanding of the sessions’ intent. Emily accuses Brennan of trying to control the situation by shutting down, emphasizing her desire for him to recognize his controlling behavior. She also points out her self-confidence & independence, challenging Brennan’s perception that she needed protection. As the reunion unfolds, Brennan attempts to apologize for his actions, reflecting on his failure to communicate effectively. The couple, along with the rest of the season 17 cast, ultimately decided to divorce on Decision Day. The Married at First Sight season 17 reunion is set to air on Lifetime, offering viewers a closer look at the complexities of Emily & Brennan’s relationship & the challenges they faced after marrying at first sight.

Emily Balch and Brennan Shoykhet, exes from “Married at First Sight,” continue to disagree on the reasons behind their marriage’s failure, as revealed in a sneak peek of the season 17 reunion where they confront their issues with host Kevin Frazier. Despite Brennan’s attempts to explain his actions during their therapy sessions and his apologies for not being more open, Emily accuses him of manipulation and prioritizing his feelings over hers, leading to their decision to divorce along with the rest of the season 17 cast.

“Married at First Sight” exes Emily Balch and Brennan Shoykhet confront their unresolved issues during the season 17 reunion, revealing deep-seated misunderstandings and attempts at manipulation within their failed marriage.

Oh, the drama between Emily Balch and Brennan Shoykhet from *Married at First Sight*? Still simmering. They couldn’t quite agree on what tossed their marriage into the fire pit.

In a juicy sneak peek of the season 17 reunion, courtesy of *Us Weekly*, Emily and Brennan, aged 29 and 28 respectively, sat down to untangle their knotty issues. The host, Kevin Frazier, watched as Brennan tried, and perhaps failed, to articulate their couple’s therapy mishaps with Dr. Pia Holec.

Brennan admitted he was too caught up in worrying about Emily’s feelings. Or so he said. Emily, on the flip side, suggested Brennan was actually more concerned about his own emotions. Touché.

And then, there’s this bit about reality TV couples. Apparently, some *Married at First Sight* duos have managed to defy the odds. They’ve clung to love like a cat to a warm laptop, proving naysayers wrong. Who would’ve thunk?

Emily had a zinger, though. She told Brennan straight up that she’s tough enough to handle the truth. “You’d say the meanest things and I’d be like, ‘Great,'” she said. According to her, Brennan’s mean streak was a sign of progress. Talk about looking for silver linings, huh?

The story of Emily and Brennan began when the *MAFS* experts decided Denver was the place for sparks to fly. Emily was smitten from the get-go, declaring Brennan her dreamboat on their wedding day. Brennan, however, wasn’t on the same page and even balked at moving in together.

But life has a way of throwing curveballs. An ATV accident sent Emily to the hospital, requiring surgery. Brennan stepped up, moved in, and played nurse. Yet, even as he cared for her, doubts shadowed his commitment, leading to not one, but two sessions with Dr. Pia.

Brennan confessed at the reunion that therapy was a new frontier for him. He thought they were rehashing resolved issues. “It was like a free therapy session,” he reflected, before apologizing for how things went down with Dr. Pia.

He insisted he wasn’t trying to steer the ship. But Emily felt Brennan was all about manipulation by shutting down conversations. She challenged him to see his controlling ways, not just to admit it but to truly recognize it.

Emily revealed she’s not one to sweat the small stuff and prides herself on her self-confidence. Brennan’s protective stance? Now a sore spot. “You were protecting yourself,” she accused.

Brennan did try to offer an olive branch during the reunion. He regretted not communicating in a way that could’ve saved or ended their relationship more gracefully. In the end, Emily and Brennan, like the rest of the season 17 cast, signed off on their marriage.

The *Married at First Sight* season 17 reunion is set to air on Lifetime. Mark your calendars for Wednesday, April 10, at 8 p.m. ET. It’s going to be a doozy.

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