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Love Is Blind’s Jackelina Bonds & Josh Demas are Still Together – Exclusive Interview with Jackie Bonds

Love Is Blind couple Jackelina “Jackie” Bonds and Josh Demas are still in a happy relationship and living together, almost a year after they reconnected following her broken engagement to Marshall Glaze. The couple admitted that their story went as planned and that they are taking their time with their relationship, not wanting to rush love. Jackie also praised Josh on Instagram, thanking him for loving, standing by and protecting her.

Love Is Blind contestants Jackie and Josh are still together and living together a year after reconnecting following Jackie’s broken engagement to Marshall Glaze, with whom things imploded before their weddings.

Love may be blind, but for Jackie Bonds and Josh Demas from Netflix’s hit show Love Is Blind, it proved to be a strong force in their relationship. Jackie and Josh reconnected after her failed engagement to Marshall Glaze, and they have been going strong ever since. In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, the dental assistant shared that they have been living together for a year as of April 27th.

Although Jackie got engaged to Marshall on the show, things fell apart before the wedding, leading her to reconnect with Josh. Speaking to Us Weekly, she said, “This is exactly how it was supposed to happen. I think if me and Josh would have chose[n] each other in the pods, I think, maybe, our story would’ve been a little bit different than how it is now. But to be honest, like, this was already in the motion [and] in the plan because of the Lord above.”

Jackie admitted that she did have one regret regarding the experience, and that was not talking to Josh in the pods to have a proper breakup. However, she did not want to interfere with the conversation that took place between Marshall and Josh, as she saw it as a conversation between men.

Jackie and Josh appeared virtually on a Live reunion episode after the season finale where they spoke about their relationship. Josh said, “We’re taking our time with everything. You know what I mean? Life comes at you fast and we don’t want to rush anything. I think sometimes, you can rush love. We live together now. We got a dog. We got a fish.” Jackie also took to Instagram to celebrate their relationship, saying, “Thank you for loving me, standing by me, and protecting me. I love you forever and through every realm.”

Marshall expressed no ill will toward Jackie or Josh, sharing that they are in a good place and that he is choosing to hold on to the good memories while letting go of the hurtful ones that ultimately ended their relationship.

For Jackie and Josh, love may have been blind, but it brought them together and has strengthened their relationship. They are taking things slow and enjoying their time together.

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