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Love Is Blind’s Cameron Speaks Out About Asking Couples About Having Babies After Vanessa Lachey Backlash

Love Is Blind alum Cameron Hamilton spoke out against the practice of asking couples about their family planning, saying it is always inappropriate and can be hurtful for couples who may be struggling with infertility or other difficulties. His comments come in the wake of Vanessa Lachey, host of Love Is Blind, being criticized for asking couples about their plans to start families during the season 4 reunion special. Hamilton said his message was not aimed at a specific person but was inspired by his personal experience with the issue.

Love Is Blind alum Cameron Hamilton spoke out against asking couples about family planning, saying it’s always inappropriate because you don’t know what couples are going through.

Love Is Blind star Cameron Hamilton has spoken out against the common practice of asking couples about their family planning. In an Instagram Reel, the AI scientist called for more understanding and compassion towards couples who may be struggling to conceive or simply are not ready to have children. Hamilton met his now-wife, Lauren Speed-Hamilton, on the first season of the popular dating series and has been asked about their family plans repeatedly since then.

Hamilton’s comments come after controversy surrounding Love Is Blind host Vanessa Lachey’s line of questioning during the show’s Season 4 reunion. Lachey asked the participating couples when they planned on starting their families, which some viewers found inappropriate. While some alumni have voiced their support for Lachey, others agree that the questioning was not appropriate, particularly given that some couples may not be able to have children or may not want them.

Hamilton specifically noted in the comments of his Reel that his remarks were not aimed at Lachey, but were instead inspired by his own experiences with the issue. He hopes to encourage more sensitivity and empathy towards couples who may be facing their own challenges when it comes to family planning.

Season 4 of Love Is Blind saw three couples tie the knot, while other participants remained single. Despite the controversy surrounding the reunion, the show remains popular with fans and has been renewed for a fifth season.

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