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Love Is Blind Season 4 Villains Micah Lussier & Irina Solomonova Mocked Pod Contestants, Say Show’s Viewers

Micah Lussier and Irina Solomonova have been accused of acting like mean girls towards other contestants on Love Is Blind season 4. Viewers noticed the two seemingly making fun of other women during the show, however, Micah defended himself, stating that Irina made him laugh and reminded him who he was. Irina’s own “mean girl” behavior caused a rivalry between her and Bliss Poureetezadi over Zack Goytowski’s affections.

Micah and Irina from Love Is Blind season 4 were perceived as “mean girls” towards their fellow pod contestants, but Micah claims that Irina helped him laugh and reminded him of who he is, adding that he doesn’t regret their friendship.

Love Is Blind season 4 had its fair share of mean girl moments, with Micah Lussier and Irina Solomonova at the center of it all. Several eagle-eyed viewers noticed the duo making insensitive comments about the other pod contestants, especially in moments of vulnerability. Despite the backlash, Micah defended her actions and even credited Irina for helping her find joy amid the drama. She clarified that they did not intend to hurt anyone’s feelings and instead saw the show as a lighthearted opportunity to have fun and be themselves.

However, their behavior did not sit well with everyone, particularly Bliss Poureetezadi, who became Irina’s rival for Zack Goytowski’s affection. In one instance, Irina appeared jealous of Bliss baking cupcakes for Zack’s birthday and even forgot the date. Both Irina and Bliss complained about each other to Zack, which further fueled their feud. Eventually, Zack chose Irina and proposed to her sight unseen, but their relationship did not last long once they met in person.

Irina admitted that their connection in the pods was at odds with their real-life dynamic, and she struggled to feel safe and comfortable around Zack. She revealed that she had pressured herself to force feelings for him, which only made matters worse. Despite the outcome, Irina maintained that her intentions were not malicious and that she expressed genuine interest in her fellow contestants.

In short, Love Is Blind season 4 witnessed some mean girl moments from Micah and Irina, but they defended themselves by citing their desire to have fun and be themselves. While their behavior caused tension among the contestants, it also sparked some dramatic moments that kept fans engaged. Irina and Micah’s experiences serve as a reminder that reality TV is not always what it seems and that editing can skew viewers’ perceptions of the contestants’ true personalities.

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