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Love Is Blind Season 4 features six couples’ journey from the Netflix pods to the wedding aisle, but there were two more pairs who were keen to take the proposal plunge. Jimmy Forde & Josh “JP” Schultz found love during the Seattle-set iteration of the pod experiment. Though their journey was not selected to continue on the reality TV show, they left the pods engaged to Wendi Kong & Ava Jenson respectively, but the relationships didn’t work out. Love Is Blind Season 4 is currently streaming on Netflix, & the cast’s reunion airs live on the streaming giant.

Two additional couples, Jimmy Forde and Wendi Kong, as well as Josh “JP” Schultz and Ava Jenson, found love on “Love Is Blind” season 4, but did not get selected to continue on the show. Jimmy and Wendi got engaged in the pods but split three months later due to their differing views on relationships. JP and Ava also got engaged but split after JP wanted to reset their expectations on the accelerated timeline of the show.

Two couples, Jimmy and Wendi, as well as JP and Ava, got engaged during Love Is Blind Season 4, but their journeys were not selected to continue on the show.

The popular Netflix dating show, Love Is Blind, season 4 introduced six couples who found love in the pods and made their way to the wedding aisle. However, there were two couples who had found their soulmates but did not make it to the next step of the show. Jimmy Forde and Josh “JP” Schultz both found love during the season in Seattle. Jimmy got engaged to Wendi Kong, who had caught his attention with her unique perspective on life. 

Jimmy proposed to Wendi sight unseen after deep conversations in the pods. Meeting Wendi in person was a happy moment for Jimmy, but after leaving the pods, their relationship started to unravel. The couple’s different views on relationships led them to the end of their romance. Despite the breakup, Jimmy does not regret his experience and pokes fun at his lack of screen time by adding a sarcastic description in his Instagram bio.

JP found the love of his life in Ava Jenson, a communications specialist. The couple got engaged in the pods and met in person after the show. Unfortunately, their relationship ended abruptly when JP called off the engagement via text message. JP claimed that he wanted to reset their expectations, but Ava felt humiliated and shocked. Their relationship never recovered, and the two failed engagements were not shown on the show.

Love Is Blind season 4 followed the journey of different couples and their love stories. Only three couples out of the six who made it to the wedding aisle in the season finale’s final episode. Producers chose not to follow JP and Ava’s and Jimmy and Wendi’s relationships, and the reason is unknown. Love Is Blind season 4 is currently streaming on Netflix, and the cast’s reunion aired recently.

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