CelebritiesBlogLala Kent & Raquel Leviss' Rocky Relationship on Vanderpump Rules

Lala Kent & Raquel Leviss’ Rocky Relationship on Vanderpump Rules

Lala Kent and Raquel Leviss had a rocky relationship while filming Vanderpump Rules, which began when Kent first appeared on the show and struck up a friendship with James Kennedy. Leviss later appeared on the show and questioned the friendship between Kent and Kennedy, but the three put their differences aside before Leviss split from Kennedy. However, tensions rose again when news broke that Leviss hooked up with Tom Schwartz and that Kennedy cheated on Ariana Madix with Leviss.

Lala Kent and Raquel Leviss from Vanderpump Rules have had a rocky relationship that has been further strained after Leviss was involved in multiple cheating scandals with their mutual friends’ partners.

Lala Kent and Raquel Leviss of Vanderpump Rules faced a rocky relationship from the get-go. In 2015, Kent entered the show and bonded with James Kennedy. While their romantic attempts failed, they remained friends. In 2016, Leviss appeared on the show after she began dating Kennedy. She questioned Kent and Kennedy’s friendship but was reassured they were platonic. However, Kent and Leviss put their differences aside when Leviss got engaged to Kennedy in season 9. They later shocked the cast with their split during the Bravo series’ reunion in January 2022.

During season 10 filming, it was confirmed that Tom Schwartz cheated on his ex-wife, Katie Maloney, with Leviss at Scheana Shay and Brock Davies’ wedding. The revelation of Leviss’ interest in Schwartz stirred tension between her and the cast. In March 2023, Kent confronted Leviss about it, reminding her of a drunken hookup she had with Leviss’ ex-fiancĂ©. Later that month, news broke that Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix had split because he cheated with Leviss.

During the season’s airing, Kent said she sensed something between Leviss and her castmates. Leviss apologized publicly via Instagram in March 2023. She owned her actions and expressed regret for hurting Madix. Despite the apologies, their relationship faced many ups and downs.

The details of their feud are documented for fans to follow on a website blog. The story covers their bond as friends, failed romantic attempts, and questioning of friendships. It also delves into Leviss’ interest in Schwartz, which created tension between her and the cast. Ultimately, their relationship was marred by cheating scandals and public apologies.

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