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Lala Kent Criticizes Ariana Madix for Refusing to Film With Tom Sandoval, Claims Everyone Was Upset

Lala Kent expressed frustration with Ariana Madix for refusing to film with Tom Sandoval during the season 11 finale of “Vanderpump Rules,” criticizing her for avoiding difficult conversations and accusing her of coasting through the show. Despite backlash from viewers supporting Ariana, who split from Sandoval after his infidelity, Kent and other cast members voiced their grievances, highlighting the tension and drama that ensued from Ariana’s decision and its impact on the dynamic of the show.

Lala Kent criticized Ariana Madix for refusing to film a conversation with Tom Sandoval on the “Vanderpump Rules After Show,” expressing frustration over Madix’s decision to avoid confronting Sandoval following their breakup and the impact it had on the show’s dynamic.

Oh boy, where do I even start with this drama? Lala Kent, she’s on fire again. This time, it’s Ariana Madix in the hot seat for not filming with Tom Sandoval. Can you believe it? After the season 11 finale of *Vanderpump Rules*, things just exploded.

On a Tuesday, no less, during the *Vanderpump Rules After Show*, Lala, at 33, didn’t hold back. She was, like, super offended by Ariana’s decision to just walk away from Sandoval, who’s 41, by the way. Cameras rolling and everything.

“I’m gonna be real,” Lala said. She accused Ariana of coasting through every… single… season. And then, bam! She drops the bomb. “We’re asking you to have one convo with Tom Sandoval—the guy you’ve been all about for years.” And guess what? Ariana couldn’t even do that.

Lala’s point? Everyone on *Vanderpump Rules* has had their fair share of tough talks. Except Ariana, who’s 38, apparently. Oh, and Scheana Shay? She tried to defend Ariana but ended up sharing her own frustrations. Classic.

Then there’s this whole thing about Lala Kent’s feuds with her co-stars. She’s been quite the character since joining the cast in season 4. Made it to the main cast by season 6 and has been stirring the pot ever since.

Scheana, at 39, kinda gets where Ariana’s coming from. But she also feels the sting. She’s had her moments this season, moments she had to be convinced to revisit. “But this is what I’m here for,” she says. We’re all just trying to heal and move on, right?

The backlash was real after the finale aired. Most viewers sided with Ariana, especially after she explained her side of things. Turns out, Sandoval cheated with Rachel “Raquel” Leviss during season 10. Yikes.

Lala, though, she’s on another level. She broke the fourth wall, screaming about Ariana leaving an event to avoid Sandoval. “I’m not afraid,” she declared. She accused Ariana of acting like she’s Beyoncé or something. Despite everything, Ariana still lives with Sandoval. “He cheated, sure. But he didn’t kill anyone,” Lala exclaimed.

Brock Davies, only 32, wasn’t surprised by Ariana’s stance. Yet, he’s miffed he had to spill his family drama while Ariana got to set boundaries.

Tom Schwartz and James Kennedy had their two cents to add. Schwartz can’t fault Ariana for feeling ambushed. James? He’s here for the drama but thinks Ariana avoided the convo with Sandoval because she knew she’d hate his egotistical nonsense.

Ariana, standing firm, suggested everyone read her contract. “Find where I’m required to do anything I don’t want to,” she challenged. She even brought up being crowned *Us Weekly*’s Reality Star of the Year. “Maybe I know what I’m doing,” she hinted.

Lala didn’t stop there. She went after Ariana again, this time for how she treated their co-stars. “Ariana’s not a great friend,” she told Brittany Cartwright. According to Lala, Ariana went from being someone no one talked about to someone whose word is law.

Scheana defended Lala’s outburst during the finale. It wasn’t about jealousy, she insisted. Lala, after all, has built an empire since leaving a bad situation. “She was at her breaking point,” Scheana explained.

Both Katie Maloney and Lala, Scheana noted, wished they’d received more love than hate when they were cheated on. “We all felt that way in this group,” she admitted.

Lala revealed that off camera, everyone was really ticked off at Ariana’s season-long behavior. “No one wanted to talk about it,” she said. Suddenly, whatever Ariana says goes unquestioned. “What?” Lala exclaimed, clearly perplexed.

And there you have it. The drama unfolds further at the *Vanderpump Rules* season 11 reunion, airing on Bravo. Tuesday, May 14, at 8 p.m. ET. Don’t miss it, and it’ll be on Peacock the next day for streaming. Because, honestly, who can resist this level of drama?

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