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Lala Kent believes Tom Sandoval wasn’t jealous during Raquel Leviss’ kiss with Tom Schwartz on Vanderpump Rules

Lala Kent believes that Tom Sandoval was not jealous when he saw Raquel Leviss kiss Tom Schwartz, but was gleeful that the attention was drawn away from their affair. Kent thinks that Sandoval enjoys the “grossness” of the situation, as Leviss had hooked up with Sandoval behind the scenes and then made out with his best friend.

Lala Kent believes that Tom Sandoval’s reaction to Raquel Leviss kissing Tom Schwartz on Vanderpump Rules was not born out of jealousy, but rather delight that attention was drawn away from his and Ariana Madix’s affair.

Lala Kent, star of reality television show Vanderpump Rules, recently shared her thoughts on a scene that aired earlier this year depicting Raquel Leviss kissing Tom Schwartz. Some viewers believed that Tom Sandoval, who was present when the kiss occurred, was exhibiting jealousy. However, Kent disagreed, suggesting that Sandoval was instead pleased that the attention had been shifted away from his affair with Leviss.

The kiss occurred at Scheana Shay and Brock Davies’ wedding in August 2022. Sandoval’s then-girlfriend, Ariana Madix, later yelled at him to stop screaming Leviss’ name during a pre-wedding party. Kent suggested on her podcast that Sandoval’s behaviour may have been fuelled by a desire for “grossness,” as he got off on the idea of Leviss kissing his best friend.

Sandoval later claimed during an interview that he had encouraged Schwartz to pursue Leviss as he believed she was “awesome.” Although he confessed to feeling some envy upon witnessing the kiss at the wedding, he didn’t question his connection with Schwartz. Sandoval only told Schwartz what had happened when they returned from Mexico.

Leviss and Sandoval’s relationship is complicated, and they have yet to comment on the timeline of events leading up to their affair. However, a representative confirmed earlier this year that Leviss checked into a mental health facility. Despite this, Leviss remains dedicated to fulfilling her commitments to the show.

In conclusion, Kent’s podcast interview provides insight into the dynamics of the Vanderpump Rules cast, particularly as they pertain to the Leviss-Sandoval affair. While some thought that Sandoval’s behaviour was motivated by jealousy, Kent suggested that he was merely excited to have the attention of the group shifted away from his affair with Leviss. Meanwhile, the relationship between Leviss and Sandoval remains shrouded in mystery, with Leviss choosing to focus on her mental health during the latest season of the show.

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