CelebritiesBlogKyle Richards Panics as a Rat Crawls on Her Parked Car

Kyle Richards Panics as a Rat Crawls on Her Parked Car

Kyle Richards experienced a panic-inducing moment when a rat climbed onto her parked car while she was checking emails, leading her to share the ordeal on Instagram. Despite her fear, the situation ended with the rat eventually leaving on its own, and Richards humorously recounted needing time to recover before she could drive again.

Kyle Richards experienced a panic-inducing yet comically captivating moment when a rat climbed onto her parked car, leading to a frantic and humorous video shared on her Instagram.

So, picture this: Kyle Richards is just chilling in her parked car, right? She’s stopped to grab a coffee and is sifting through her emails. Totally normal day. But then—boom! A rat decides to make a grand entrance onto her vehicle. And not just anywhere, but right by the driver’s side rearview mirror. Imagine that.

Kyle, understandably, goes into full-on panic mode. The footage she posted on Instagram Monday night is something else. She’s freaking out, asking, “Why is it looking at me like that?” Like the rat’s got some personal vendetta or something. And then, as if to crank up the drama, the rat moves. Suddenly. Kyle’s fear spikes.

“What do I do?!” she’s heard exclaiming in the video. She even tries to get a passerby’s attention, knocking on the window in desperation. But nope, the guy doesn’t hear her. She’s left to her fate, uttering, “Oh, my God, please help me, what is happening?”

But here’s the kicker: the video cuts off without any resolution. Classic cliffhanger. In the comments, though, Kyle spills the beans. The rat hung around for what felt like an eternity before finally making its exit. Kyle had to pull over, shaken, waiting until she could feel her legs again to drive off. Twenty whole minutes, she says.

Now, in her Instagram caption, Kyle tries to preempt any judgment. She explains her side window was down, and she was too scared to even think about reversing. The fear of the rat finding another way into the car paralyzed her. And Chrissy Teigen? She finds the whole ordeal adorable. “Oh my god he’s so f–king cute I’d die of happiness!!” she comments. Paulina Porizkova agrees, finding the rat’s “sweet little paws” too much to resist.

Meanwhile, Kyle’s been busy filming “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” at Sutton Stracke’s Surrealism Ball. She’s there with Kathy Hilton, Garcelle Beauvais, Erika Jayne, and possibly a new face in the franchise, Bozoma Saint John. It’s all happening.

And just for a bit of trivia: Kyle Richards is the only original cast member left standing from Season 1 of RHOBH. All her original co-stars have since left the show. And, in a funny twist, one of Kyle’s IG followers suggested a tagline for the rat if it were to join RHOBH: “I’m not the richest mouse in Beverly Hills, but I am the luckiest.”

So, there you have it. A day in the life of Kyle Richards, featuring a coffee stop turned rodent thriller. Only in Beverly Hills, right?

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