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Kyle Cooke Answers Burning Questions About Bravo & Whether He Forces Summer House Cast to Drink Loverboy

Kyle Cooke, a star of “Summer House,” clarified on the “Trading Secrets” podcast that he does not force his castmates to drink his alcohol brand, Loverboy, but hopes they choose it over competitors. He also addressed misconceptions about Bravo’s connection to Loverboy, stating the network is not in collaboration with his brand and often requests he minimize its visibility on the show to maintain a separation between his business ventures and the series’ content.

Kyle Cooke from “Summer House” clarified on the “Trading Secrets” podcast that he does not force his Bravo co-stars to drink his alcohol brand Loverboy, shared insights on the show’s relationship with the brand, and debunked rumors about his wife’s financial involvement in starting the company.

Kyle Cooke, the star from Summer House, spilled some tea on the “Trading Secrets” podcast. And oh boy, did he get candid about Bravo and his booze brand, Loverboy. Launched back in 2018, Loverboy was Cooke’s baby, co-created with his now-wife Amanda Batula and buddy Carl Radke. It’s been popping up on Summer House quite a bit.

But here’s the kicker: Cooke insists he’s not pressuring his castmates to chug his drinks on the show. “I’ve never pushed this on anybody,” he claims. Sure, he’d rather not see rival brands in the house, but who wouldn’t? Since 2017, Cooke’s been a fixture on Bravo, even making waves on the Winter House spinoff that kicked off in October 2021.

Now, for some juicy bits from his “Trading Secrets” chat. Is Bravo in bed with Loverboy? Cooke’s clear: Nope. Although, if there’s a big buyout while he’s still on air, Bravo gets a slice. But, they’re not exactly cheerleading for his brand on screen. They’re more like, “Kyle, ditch the Loverboy merch, will ya?” They’re keen to avoid any infomercial vibes.

Cooke’s adamant Bravo would never cozy up to just one big brand. Why? Because booze ads are their bread and butter. Now, onto the drama with Craig Conover and Loverboy. Cooke’s setting the record straight, sharing the ins and outs of their investment saga. Loverboy’s journey began with Cooke, Batula, and Radke’s support, evolving into the canned cocktail scene’s latest sensation.

Does Cooke force the Summer House crew to sip on Loverboy? Nope, he says. He just hopes they’re into it because, well, it’s his brand. And guess what? They often reach for a Loverboy without any nudge from him. As for footing the bill for their on-screen booze fests, Cooke claims he’s poured about $100k of his own liquor into the house. Talk about a generous host, right?

But wait, there’s more. Legal drama has also been a guest at the Loverboy party. Cooke and Batula’s road to the altar wasn’t just about wedding bells; it was shadowed by legal headaches too. And about those rumors of Batula financing Loverboy? Cooke says it’s a big misunderstanding. Sure, she played a massive role in the brand’s look, but the initial cash? That was all him.

Casting and story direction for Summer House? Cooke laughs off any notion that he’s the puppet master. Despite rumors, he had no hand in Hannah Berner’s exit. His involvement was strictly season 1 stuff, helping to shape the show’s cast and direction. And he’s proud of it.

So, there you have it. Cooke’s deep dive into the world of Bravo, Loverboy, and Summer House. From debunking myths to sharing behind-the-scenes insights, it’s clear he’s not just another reality TV star. He’s a businessman, a husband, and a friend to his castmates. And as for what’s next? Tune into Bravo’s two-part Summer House reunion to find out.

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