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Kristen Doute Rumors Severely Damage Friendship with Jesse & Michelle Lally, Affecting Vanderpump Rules Alum’s Relationships

Kristen Doute’s discussions about Jesse and Michelle Lally’s marriage on a reality show led to a significant rift in her long-standing friendship with Jesse, highlighting the impact of spreading rumors and personal issues on public platforms. Despite their history and Jesse’s initial good terms with Kristen, their relationship deteriorated after the show aired, reflecting the complexities and consequences of intertwining personal relationships with reality TV drama.

Kristen Doute’s rumors about Jesse and Michelle Lally’s marriage led to a significant rift in her long-standing friendship with Jesse, affecting their relationship both on and off the “Vanderpump Rules” spinoff show, “The Valley.”

Kristen Doute’s been stirring the pot again. This time, rumors about Jesse Lally and Michelle Lally’s marriage have caused quite the stir. It’s messed up their friendship big time.

“Kristen and I were tight,” Jesse spills to Us Weekly. He reminisces about the old days, hanging out at SUR with the gang. “Kristen probably won’t remember this, but those were the days,” he says.

Before the drama unfolded on The Valley in summer 2023, Jesse and Kristen were close. “She even came to our baby shower,” he points out. But then, Kristen started gabbing about Michelle and Jesse on the show. Things got awkward, real quick.

Jesse and Michelle’s relationship became a hot topic, especially after hints of their separation surfaced on The Valley. Their on-screen bickering over laundry was just the beginning.

“We haven’t spoken since,” Jesse reveals. Even his chats with Luke Broderick, Kristen’s boyfriend, are just about the show. “Losing friends sucks,” he admits.

When The Valley premiered in March, viewers didn’t expect the chaos that ensued. Kristen’s claims about Michelle being a “racist” and having a “secret boyfriend” threw everyone for a loop. Suddenly, Jesse and Michelle’s rocky marriage was public knowledge.

Jesse feels like a reunion is necessary. “There’s so much we need to clear up,” he tells Us. It’s about closure for them and the viewers.

Jesse was blindsided by the cheating rumors. “I found out with everyone else,” he recalls. A confrontation led to an awkward encounter with Brittany Cartwright, which he immediately tried to smooth over.

Now, Jesse’s navigating a divorce from Michelle. He’s learned a lot about his marriage since the show. “A reunion could help us resolve things,” he believes.

Jesse also reflects on Kristen’s claims of trying to protect Michelle. “As you get older, you learn to stay out of other people’s business,” he tells Us. It’s a lesson in boundaries and respect.

With everything that’s happened, Jesse’s perspective has shifted. Life’s too short for drama, and sometimes, it’s best to let things unfold naturally.

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