CelebritiesBlogKristen Doute Retracts Michelle Lally Infidelity Comments, Admits Misuse of Words

Kristen Doute Retracts Michelle Lally Infidelity Comments, Admits Misuse of Words

Kristen Doute retracted her previous statements about Michelle Lally having an affair while married to Jesse Lally, clarifying that she misspoke about the timeline of events during “The Valley” season 1 finale. Doute expressed regret over her comments, admitting they were a misuse of words and reflecting on her actions as detrimental to her friendship with Michelle, amidst revelations of Michelle and Jesse’s tumultuous relationship and eventual divorce.

Kristen Doute retracts her previous statements about Michelle Lally’s infidelity, clarifying she meant Michelle had a boyfriend a year ago, not for a year, amidst discussions of Michelle’s marriage and subsequent divorce from Jesse Lally on the reality show “The Valley.”

Oh, Kristen Doute, what a tangled web we weave, huh? She’s backpedaling faster than a crab on roller skates now. Apparently, her words about Michelle Lally stepping out on Jesse Lally weren’t exactly… accurate. Whoopsie.

So, during the season finale of The Valley—which, by the way, aired on a totally unremarkable Tuesday, June 4—Kristen decided to set the record straight. Or, well, try to. It was her beau, Luke Broderick, who stirred the pot. He was all, "Babe, you said Michelle had a boyfriend for a year while married?" And Kristen was like, "Um, no. I meant a year ago. Get it right, Luke."

But here’s where it gets juicy. Kristen, in a moment of what I can only assume was a mix of guilt and a sudden bout of honesty, admitted she kinda, sorta, maybe did a whoopsie with her words. "Misuse of words," she called it. Classic Kristen, am I right?

And then, because why not throw in a bit more drama, she went on about how she was a "s—t friend" for even whispering such things. But hey, in her defense, Jesse wasn’t exactly husband of the year, so can you blame her for spilling the tea?

Meanwhile, Michelle is out there like, "I have no clue what Kristen is babbling about on The Valley." After the cameras stopped rolling in fall 2023, she did what any self-respecting reality TV star would do—filed for divorce. Bravo, of course, was there to catch every tear and tantrum.

Fast forward a bit, and we’ve got Michelle and Jesse having this heart-to-heart. She’s all, "I’m not feeling it anymore, Jess." And he’s getting all teary-eyed, trying to salvage what’s left of their marriage. Spoiler alert: it didn’t work.

Six months later, they’re trying to figure out how to co-parent their daughter, Isabella, and even their dog, Malibu. Yes, they’re sharing custody of the dog. It’s very modern family of them. They’re also bickering about who gets what clients from their business. Because nothing says "amicable split" like arguing over referral sources, right?

Jesse’s not too keen on signing any divorce papers without a lawyer. Michelle, on the other hand, is ready to sign yesterday. She’s got a new place, she’s paying her own way, and she’s just done.

In the midst of all this adulting and legal mumbo-jumbo, their daughter pops in, reminding them what’s really important. Michelle confesses to the cameras that deciding to divorce was tough, especially thinking about how it would affect their daughter. But, she’s moved on and found love again with Aaron Nosler. Jesse’s also moved on with Lacy Nicole.

And guess what? The Valley got renewed for a second season. Because of course, it did. Drama sells, folks. All episodes are now streaming on Peacock, in case you’re into that sort of thing.

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