CelebritiesBlogKody Brown expresses jealousy over Christine & Janelle's newfound friendship.

Kody Brown expresses jealousy over Christine & Janelle’s newfound friendship.

Kody Brown expressed jealousy over his ex-wives, Christine and Janelle Brown, becoming close friends after their respective splits, feeling as though their newfound friendship was a dig at him. He admitted to only feeling “in love” with his current wife, Robyn, and realized he hadn’t vetted his previous wives for compatibility. His ex-wives revealed feeling hurt after learning that Kody was “in love” with Robyn, and Kody admitted to feeling guilty for “not being in love” with them. Janelle and Christine’s friendship has been a point of contention, as Kody has felt betrayed and jealous by their strong bond.

Kody Brown was upset and feeling betrayed by his wives, especially Janelle and Christine, due to their newfound friendship and closeness after leaving him, and he also admitted that he was only ever “in love” with his current wife, Robyn.

In part 1 of season 18 of Sister Wives, Kody Brown openly spoke about his jealousy over Christine and Janelle Brown’s friendship. At 54 years old, Kody declared that he was envious because their friendship is how he believed it should have been for the entire 25 years that he’s been in a relationship with them. He expressed his shock and believed that their intensified friendship was actually a way for them to spite him. Additionally, Kody felt that Janelle’s siding with Christine led to more conflict in his marriage.

Kody’s relationships with Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown are highlighted in the show, revealing the difficulties that arose recently. His breakups with all three of his wives have caused him to reflect on his past and how he wasn’t in love with them from the beginning. However, he confessed that he has always had a deep connection with Robyn.

During the tell-all, Robyn reveals that she was not aware that Kody was in tears with joy about their first encounter. Furthermore, Christine discusses the day she discovered that Kody was head over heels for Robyn. It was difficult for her to come to terms with the change in their dynamic once she made this discovery.

In response to Kody’s claims, Christine argues that Kody must be feeling betrayed by her new friendship with Janelle. She insists that the tables have turned and Kody is now experiencing feelings of jealousy in their relationship, just as they previously felt during his relationships with other wives. Additionally, Janelle expressed her relief during the show’s events following a fight with Kody, addressing the complexities of the situation they were all facing.

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